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Conservative Bench Strength

No conservative student of the current condition is mentioning how much strengthening there has been in Republican ranks over the past eight years.  I don’t know why.  True, in the final analysis there can only be one Republican presidential candidate,…

Historic. Unprecedented. Disastrous.

An event of historic
proportions! What does that mean? It means it has never happened before in the
history of our nation. The United States
of America sustained its AAA credit rating, the highest possible, all through
the Great Depression, two World Wars, Korea, Vietnam, Hurricane Katrina, Lady
GaGa, and the Gulf Oil Spill. But it couldn’t survive the Obama administration’s financial program.

The Big Gamble

This commonsense conservative is thinking…Perhaps we should start with the basics this week in order to understand what is happening to our economy. There have been in the past two main theories of economic thought. One is Keynesian, which argues…