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Sequestered, Again!

Sequestered, again! I hate big words. I usually don’t understand them, and most of the time a shorter word would work just as well.  My pet gripe of the day is the current usage of the word “sequestration.” Political pundit…

A Conservative View of the OWS Protests

Poor people are not poor because rich people are rich. Greed, envy and strife are not the building blocks for a more prosperous America.I watched the self admitted communist Van Jones talk with admiration of the OWS protestors, and how they were speaking truth to power. Is this philosophy of something for nothing really truth?Watch these protestors and their defenders in the halls of power. And when the 2012 elections roll around, throw the bums out! That would be speaking truth to power!

He Said – She Said A Conservative View of the Harassment Charges Against Cain

Many conservatives believe that if the media is successful in taking down Mr. Cain, the next front runner in the Republican Primary will face a similar attack built around whatever shreds of “evidence” the media can find. The fact that these accusations, intially publicized contrary to many of the media’s own “ethics” might damage Mr. Cain’s 40 plus year marriage, his business reputation, his standing with his family, is largely irrelevent to the press on a mission.

Glenn Beck Was Right Again

I hate to say this, but Glenn Beck was right again! Months ago he predicted that our economy, and our society, would be destroyed in a pincer movement from the “ground up and the top down.” It is obvious that…