Monthly Archives: February 2012

Mighty Weak Tea ! ! !

Is Romney what you expect your newly minted conservatives to vote for? When Obama rolls out Romney’s record, can the average Tea Party member be proud or embarassed? Is this really the choice you want to call your own?

Calling All Conservatives

With our nation in crisis, we need all hands on deck! And those hands need to pull the together for a conservative! So regardless of what label you carry around in your normal life, this is one time you must lay that aside… Your country needs you!

A Stick to Hit Them With

My old daddy always told me to never give the other guy a stick to hit you with. Well, it seems that the Obama Administration has done just that! Back in the heady days following his election as president of…

America The Last Best Hope

It seems that most who came to the US from Europe instinctively know what’s happening here.  They’ve seen it happen to their countries and they’re fearful about what our government is doing now. They see the same promises made and…

Cooking the Books

To borrow a phrase from President Reagan, “There you go again!” Strange how history keeps repeating itself.  Well, maybe not so strange if you consider who is creating the history, as this commonsense conservative does! Back when the November unemployment…