Hello and welcome to my blog, Commonsense Conservative Politics.

The conversation I hope to pursue with you over the coming months and years will concern itself with what I believe are areas of common agreement, based in many cases on common sense. I first became interested in politics in high school when I participated in a high school debate team, and gathered quotes for “evidence” to use in debate.  I was amazed that in 1975, the debate community had already cited magazines like Newsweek and Time as slanted sources of information not considered impartial purveyors of information to the public. So I developed, simultaneous with my interest in conservative politics, a healthy skepticism that has only grown over the years.

This blog will be my attempt to set the record straight, as I see it.

The purpose of this conservative politics blog is not so much to persuade as it is to inform. To tickle that part of your mind that has its unvoiced reservations even as you tend to accept things at face value.  Too many times, I hear things that I KNOW are not correct, but contain just enough of a germ of truth to get past the normal person’s natural skepticism.  It is my intention to question those things from a common sense perspective. I mean, if it doesn’t stand to reason, it doesn’t stand, right? Sadly, too many times it does stand, if only because who has the time to dig out the facts and separate the real kernel of truth, from the chaff  of intentional misdirection? I do !

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