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Politics. I’m sick of it already.

There are many troubling items in the news these days. Joblessness, $15 trillion national debt, giving up on Iraq, the housing market bust, the boy premier of a nuclear North Korea, etc., etc. But what is the issue currently occupying…

Thoughts on the Passing Scene

The Self Indulgent Occupy Wall Street Movement This week we were shown that just one of the Occupy Wall Street camp-ins produced 30 tons of trash . . . and who knows what additional damage was done to the turf,…

True…Or False?

Those of us who are “news junkies” with conservative views tend to become skeptical of much of the information we see and hear. . . and for good reason. So, many of us have come to rely on the…

A Scandal a Day

A Scandal a Day An apple a day is one thing, but a scandal a day is becoming a little troublesome. Is this administration corrupt, or just incompetent? You decide. There are many such escapades I could reference, but I’ll…

Historic. Unprecedented. Disastrous.

An event of historic
proportions! What does that mean? It means it has never happened before in the
history of our nation. The United States
of America sustained its AAA credit rating, the highest possible, all through
the Great Depression, two World Wars, Korea, Vietnam, Hurricane Katrina, Lady
GaGa, and the Gulf Oil Spill. But it couldn’t survive the Obama administration’s financial program.

Passport Paradigm

Each day I look at the news something else comes up that is totally unbelievable.  This time it’s the newly proposed requirement for obtaining a passport. What is a “passport,”and who needs one?  “A passport is a document, issued by…

Obama to the Rescue

As usual, President Obama’s speech tonight was very well written. This time his speech writers had plenty of uninterrupted time to create it, since the President was vacationing in Rio.  The addition of a third Teleprompter was an improvement since…