The Libyan War and the Sunday Shows

This morning was a remarkable display of concern over the actions of President Obama. On Meet The Press, the overall concerns of the panel were the “incoherence” of our mission there. President Obama has called for Gaddafi to leave, yet defines our goals as a limited engagement of a few days to institute a no fly zone. Many of the panel question both the wisdom of interfering in a civil war and whether by interfering, we become morally responsible for the outcome. Even more interesting, it seemed all the panel members were worried that we have NO KNOWLEDGE of the players who would replace Gaddafi. Exactly whom are we empowering to take over the reins of power here? Moreover many panel members pointed out that now the “rebels” are heartened and are going to back to the conflict, prolonging and enlarging this civil war.

On ABC Sunday, the panel of Senator Levin and Senator Kerry were particularly leaning on the call by the Arab League for the world’s help. Have you thought about who is in the Arab League?

Algeria Bahrain Comoros Djibouti
Egypt Iraq Jordan Kuwait
Lebanon Libya Mauritania Morocco
Oman Palestine Qatar Saudi Arabia
Somalia Sudan Syria Tunisia
United Arab Emirates Yemen

See any model citizens here? Aren’t these countries that are largely undemocratic, authoritarian regimes? Are they suddenly democracy lovers? Or do they know more about the players attempting to unseat Gaddafi than we do?

On Fox News Sunday Bret asked a serious question. Does President Obama see American leadership as a problem? A taint on the operation? If so, perhaps he should have taken a look at the colonialism of France, the leading country to announce hostilities… Not exactly a stellar record on human rights in their colonies.

Bottom line, it is easier to grab the tail of the tiger than to let it go… We’ll see what unfolds but today’s reviews of our nation’s actions in Libya were not re-assuring. Nor is it re-assuring when a President goes against the misgivings of his military and starts a war. Who would have thought that President Obama, so critical of American intervention arund the world, apologizing for our arrogance would have chos

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