True…Or False?

Those of us who are “news junkies” with conservative views tend to become skeptical of much of the information we see and hear. . . and for good reason.

So, many of us have come to rely on the website which has as its purpose to investigate subjects of common interest and publish the “truth.”  But what we have learned is that the Snopes “organization” only consists of a man and wife, Barbara and David Mikkelson, and if the subject is political in nature, their version of the “truth” tends to lean strongly toward the left. No conservative policies here!

The suspicion that has become rather left-leaning in their search for “truth,” has caused many to seek the opinion of another such website,  When you open its home webpage it identifies itself as being “A Project of the Annenberg
Public Policy Center, University of Pennsylvania,” named for its benefactor, billionaire Walter Annenberg.  OK.  So far so good.  But where have I heard the name “Annenberg” before?       Hmmmm. . . back to Good Ol’ Google!

Well I do declare!  The Annenberg Foundation, creator of the Annenberg Public Policy Center, also forked over $49.2 million to sponsor another seeker-of-truth organization, the Chicago Annenberg Challenge Project.  It’s founder is, you guessed it, the infamous Bill Ayers, one-time leader of the Weather Underground domestic terrorist group that in the 1970s took credit for bombing the Pentagon and the U.S. Capitol!

But wait.  There is more!   Mr. Ayers recruited as the founding Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Chicago Anneneberg Challenge Project, a young community organizer named Barack Hussein Obama, thus launching a political career that ultimately led to the White House.

The organization sponsored two subordinate divisions; a financial division under Obama’s direction, which determined how the $49.2 million was to be spent, and an educational division, run by Ayers.

Of course Obama used his office to promote his political ambitions, and in his capacity, Ayers established the Peace School, to study “peace holidays, peace organizations and peace makers throughout the global community,” the Global Village School,  to ”promote diverse student population,” the Al Raby School, named after a former civil rights leader, and the Cesar E. Chavez Multicultural High School, named for the California migrant worker organizer, to design “experiential learning excursions.”

But it doesn’t stop there.  It never does!  There is another website called, a Project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center and the Annenberg Classroom.”  Note the difference.  This one is “factchecked,” – past tense. Here are professionally prepared lesson outlines for public school teachers, and the past-tense inference is that this Annenberg sponsored website has information that has already been verified. . . by, of course.

One such lesson title is, Everything You Know Is Wrong, Parts 1 and 2.   Do you think there just might be a little left-wing indoctrination going on here?

So what is truth, and where do we go to find it?  It is said that the Greek philosopher, Diogenes (c. 404-323 B.C.E.) spent his whole life looking for an honest man.  It is not recorded that he ever found one.

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