Conservative Policies – What Price Gasoline?

You may not think of oil development in terms of conservative policies, but perhaps you should.  There can be no more important conservative policy than developing our own energy resources.

Our proven reserves at this point put us 12th in the world, at 21 billion barrels of proven oil reserves.  But it is estimated that there are 2,175 gigabarrels contained in the oil shale reserves, the largest deposit of its kind in the world. This would make the good old USA number one in proven oil reserves. Five times the reserves of Saudi Arabia.

But back to the question this article asks; What price gasoline? Feel free to google the numbers I’ve put before you… And ask yourselves, at what price gasoline am I willing to go stand in the streets of the capital and scream drill baby drill? And then there is the jobs picture. Thousands of new oil jobs await the opening of new leases and technology for oil development. And we will do it cleaner than any other country.

You hear that the decline of America is inevitable and then you start to do a little research on the natural resources our country affords us. Our decline is not inevitable. When you look back in history the decline of any great world power was not inevitable. It was the result of a series of poor choices, with foreseeable consequences, that the citizens or rulers of those powers chose to ignore.

The power to succeed is literally beneath our feet. You have heard that fossil fuels are the thing of the past, have you heard about oil shale? Have you thought about the fact that most “green technologies” are years away from fruition. Stop and think about it, global cooling has halted now for over 10 years, something not predicted in any of the climate models. The global warming email scandal uncovered no smoking gun. But it certainly indicated paranoia and deliberate secrecy rather than the open society of scientists sharing their work so others could prove and replicate their results. Add to that the growing skepticism among the scientific community and ask yourself what cuts in your lifestyle are you willing to make for this kind of proof?

Is America’s decline inevitable? I think in a free society like ours such a thing is not only not inevitable, it almost baffles the mind to contemplate. Sure, if we keep spending money we don’t have, on things we don’t need, to get results we can’t see; then yes. But we have the power to shape our own future.

We just need to get to work with what we have, cut spending and start paying off the debt, and get this nation back to work and on top. Let’s do it clean, let’s do it right, and let’s get started tomorrow. Don’t talk to me about America’s decline; I’m diggin for oil!

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