Conservative Policy and the Government Shutdown

Can we have an adult conversation? That is not a rhetorical question, I mean it. Is it any longer possible for the government to have an adult conversation with its citizens? Can we get the citizens of this country to sit down and face the facts of our fiscal situation? This commonsense conservative says…Maybe.

As a practical matter do we all understand that when we spend more than we make we must cut expenses? Do we realize that it is immoral and anti American to say our country governs with the consent of the governed, and then indebt our children and grandchildren and imperil their lifestyles for generations? Are they consenting to this at age 5?

We have facing us two different approaches to our fiscal problems. One, as proposed by our President, calls for a ten year plan that raised taxes by 3 trillion, raises spending by two trillion, all over 10 years so he hopes we won’t notice, and claims by cutting government he has saved a trillion dollars. And he runs trillion dollars deficits for the next ten years. Then we have the hated Republicans who are like the party of doom and gloom. The mean Mom and Dad! They warn we cannot continue to spend money we don’t have…No borrowed money for high speed rail “investments”, no more ever expanding pay and wages for public workers, no more no more no more!

So who do YOU want to listen to?

The Democrats say that we just need to tax businesses and “rich” people more. But the “rich” earned 34.7 percent of the nation’s adjusted gross income, but paid approximately 58.7 percent of federal individual income taxes. Besides, if we have a spending problem do we really want to give this drunk another drink? Do you really believe that if we put in tax increases the Democrats would go along with budget cuts? And let me ask you another question. If you were a multi millionaire would you really care if you gave up your US citizenship to be a citizen of some country that has a much lower tax rate? When you are already paying way more than your share, don’t you think you could make that adjustment on your passport for a few million a year?

We have entire departments of government that we could do without. I remember before we had a federal department of education. Can’t say that the school improved much after it went in. Our department of energy has failed. Our dependence on foreign oil has gone from about 40% when they began working on the problem to over 60% now! Our department of defense keeps such shoddy books that they cannot be audited, but last year they cut the housing allowance to our armed service personnel to save money ! ? If they don’t know where their money goes, how can they know how much they are wasting?

So I hope you are beginning to see we have a huge mess on our hands, and very few willing to honestly discuss it. One final thought. If we cannot get the Democrats to go along with these small cuts we are discussing, what will we do about all the other cuts we need to make?

This commonsense conservative  says shut the government down, we can’t afford it anyway!

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