Conservative Policy: The Hardworking Union Employee

So what should conservative policy have to say to the honest, hardworking union member? This is an outgrowth of a long discussion on Facebook and off, about the plight of the union worker, particularly a retired one. You paid your dues (literally), you slogged thru the snow and ice of Michigan winters and you worked past your retirement age. You did everything that was asked of you, looking forward to the promised retirement and the good life at the end, and enjoying life along the way.

Every benefit you accrued was debated in public, agreed to by management and the union as being fair and equitable. Maybe you didn’t get in the weeds on the agreements, but that is what the union is for! Now, in your retirement, all the sudden union becomes a four letter word. People who know nothing about your industry now know all there is to know.  How did that happen? And what did you do to make it so as an honest person doing a day’s work for a day’s pay?

As a conservative, I wonder when I hear these announcements of  big profits by motor companies; what are their pension liabilities? Are they funded? Are they there for the folks retired and those getting ready to retire? Are we going to wait until its too late and once again these companies are on the brink before we look at their pension plans? If they are making money, then government needs to be making durn sure they are funding the benefits they promise! 

You know, unions members have an argument past greed when they point out that the big guys get their bonuses… And many times they walk with them! The benefits promised to hourly workers need to be similarly secure. 

There is room for union support in the conservative mind set. And it is within the individual responsibility side of the coin. If companies promise benefits, they need to be there for those promised. Of course, it is hard for the federal government to insist on pension security when they are the ones responsible for the social security shortfalls.

On the union side, if I were a member I would be asking my union if we shouldn’t be spending less on politicians, and more on our pension fund and workers insurance. Half a billion dollars would help a lot of brothers and sisters! 

Bottom line, conservative policy need not lock union members out. We all need to row this boat and do our part. Blame gaming doesn’t help solve the problem. This is a huge mess we’re in, and we will all need to work our way out of it. And that is the key! Let’s get to work, together, and solve this problem we have by living below our income, and using the rest to pay down our debt. It’s time for resolve!

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