A Conservative’s View of Herman Cain

One should probably start any discussion about Mr. Cain with a short question…”What’s not to like?”Mr. Cain has as his personal resume the quintessential American dream of working hard, pursuing educational opportunities, and rising to the top largely through his own efforts. Any problems here?

Common Sense Conservative Policies

His policy proposals are founded in common sense and simple solutions to a myriad of complicated problems. All over the news, you hear that other candidates do not have a plan, and in many cases this is not true. They have a plan, it is just so complicated they can’t explain it in any kind of reasonable time frame. This leaves Cain open to accusations of “simple mindedness” but look at the complicated solutions proposed from the past. Obamacare would come to mind almost immediately. Much better to take small steps that don’t carry a lot of additional and unintended consequences that then must be dealt with, and assess and adapt as you go forward. Any problems here?

Real Business Experience and Conservative Views

conservative politics - CainMr. Cain’s business experience includes a large dose of “turn around” experience. Whether Godfather Pizza or Burger King, Herman Cain worked in the trenches, serving food and working with teenagers and minimum wage workers and taking businesses in trouble and turning them around.  There is much more to be learned from from taking a struggling business and making it successful through your own “hands on” experience than there is from sitting on a corporate board and analyzing the numbers and sending a Herman Cain type guy to either turn around the business or liquidate it. This is one of the differences between Herman Cain’s experience and Mitt Romney’s.  Herman got his hands dirty and gets in the trenches! Any problems here?

On television, in interview after interview, Mr. Cain exudes charm, grace and poise. Unflappable and gracious, he seems to be more amused than upset when various liberal hosts attempt to take him to task. More often than not, it is the host that looks irritated and upset, and not Mr. Cain. You gotta love that!

How Much Will Experience in Conservative Politics Count?

Finally, there is the question of political experience. Is the job of President any different than the executive job in any other big enterprise? Obviously, there ARE both differences and similarities, and  executive experience is a valuable asset to bring to the table. The best efforts of the political class expensively educated at Harvard and Yale, have left us with the mess we have. The most beloved political leader in the last 50 years was named Ronald Reagen and graduated from Urica College, not exactly an ivy league institution. But Reagen DID have fairly extensive political experience. This will make Herman Cain’s Vice Presidential choice more momentous than perhaps anyone’s in the last few years. If Mr. Cain could persuade a guy like Newt Gingrich to set aside his campaign for President with an implied job as Vice President to help manage Cain’s campaign, he would be unstoppable! In this conservative’s opinion, if the conservative grassroots movement gets behind Herman Cain financially, he will be the next President of the United States.

Ultimately, it is up to us!

Take a look inside Cain’s book: This Is Herman Cain!: My Journey to the White House at Amazon.




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