Calling All Conservatives

After every primary election, I have people tell me, “You Republicans didn’t give us much to vote for.”

This commonsense conservative always wonder why it is these folks feel it is “our” job to elect a conservative candidate for them to consider. If they are conservatives, why were they not part of the primary process? And why is it so many times the Republican Party chooses such a liberal candidate? The answers are not difficult to understand, if you look at the numbers inside the politics.

In any given primary election, there are many forces at work. In the Republican Party, our primary often has several conservative candidates, and perhaps one “moderate”. In the language of Republican politics, a “moderate” is merely a liberal with an “R” after his name. In this election, our liberal with an R is Mitt Romney! We must not allow him to win this primary! Too many times we have seen the several conservative candidates split the conservative vote, and the most liberal candidate gets the nomination… But it doesn’t have to be that way.

For months now, and more than I can ever remember, folks call me over to the corner whether I am in Wal*Mart or some other public place, and anxiously ask me about who I think will be the Republican nominee. (I only wish I knew.) I have Democrats tell me that we must have a strong conservative candidate for the presidential election…And I agree.

But with the above dynamics, I worry! It is now time that we conservatives, regardless of our political affiliation, band together and elect the most conservative candidate available in the Republican Primary. But I am convinced now more than ever, that we need YOU to make that happen. Whether the you I am talking to is a conservative Democrat, or independent, or Republican. With our nation in crisis, we need all hands on deck! And those hands need to pull the together for a conservative! So regardless of what label you carry around in your normal life, this is one time you must lay that aside… Your country needs you!

If we can send our young men and women into harm’s way all around the world, and ask them to put their lives at risk defending us, can we not honor their sacrifice by going to a well heated and cooled polling place and support their efforts?  While they labor in the heat and cold, don’t we owe it to them to stand up for them here at home? Do your research, check out what each candidate really stands for and not his commercials, and vote for the one that is going to “conserve” our way of life, with all that entails. The country you save may be your own !

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