Conservative Bench Strength

No conservative student of the current condition is mentioning how much strengthening there has been in Republican ranks over the past eight years.  I don’t know why.  True, in the final analysis there can only be one Republican presidential candidate, but think about the outstanding talent available to fill the other administrative posts.


In 2004 there was only George W., of course, since he was the incumbent. . . and Dick Cheney.


In 2008 the finalists were McCain, Huckabee, Romney, and Ron Paul… in that order.  And that was about it.  History has shown there was not too much to brag about there, with the possible (and I do mean possible) exception of Romney.


But look at the 2012 pool of talent from which a newly elected Republican president can draw, in no particular order.


Rick Perry                                                      Michele Bachmann

Newt Gingrich                                                Herman Cain

Tim Pawlenty                                                 Paul Ryan

John Huntsman                                              Mitt Romney

John Boehner (maybe)                                  Rick Santorum

Sarah Palin                                                       John Bolton

Rudy Guilliani                                                  Allen West

FL Governor Rick Scott (watch for him)     Chris Christie

Mitch Daniels                                                   Jim DeMint

VA Governor Bob McDonnell                        General David Petraeus

Marco Rubio                                                     Donald Trump


I am sure you can think of others.


Not all of these are presidential timber, nor do they all aspire to the office of the President. But among them are outstanding potential Secretaries of State, Commerce, Defense, National Security, Supreme Court Justices, etc., etc.  They each have outstanding talent and accomplishment in their own right.  It is a bench strength that I cannot recall any political party having had during my lifetime, which, incidentally, is becoming ever more encompassing!


Any one on the list would be superior to our current White House occupant, and/or his bizarre collection of misfits, Alinskyites, and revolutionaries.


It will be interesting to follow these names and conservative politics over the coming months.

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