Conservative Politics on the Death Penalty, Economy, and Taxes

Thanks to the fact that we’re currently in a recession, conservative politics dealing with the economy and taxes are being highly debated. The death penalty has been an issue for decades, with several states outlawing its use.

Conservative politics are based on the belief in the free market system. With free markets, individuals are able to start their own enterprises and create jobs for others who are unable to do so. Therefore, the free market system will help improve the standards of living for everyone.

These conservative politics differ from their liberal counterparts. Liberals feel it is best for the government to regulate the market. Everyday citizens need to be protected from the greed of big business. Big business is only interested in making more money.

Consumers should be protected from this greed. Therefore, the government should step in and regulate businesses since it has the public’s best interests in mind. Conservatives feel these increased regulations discourage people from starting businesses since it is more difficult to do so.

Liberals also feel that wealthier people should be subject to higher taxes. A larger government is also required to help distribute wealth appropriately. It is the government’s role to take care of needy people with the advent of social programs. Higher taxes will help fund these government programs.

This drastically differs from conservative politics. They feel that these government programs will give people a way to be lazy instead of taking care of themselves. Instead, it is best that everyone pays lower taxes to encourage people to work and save their money.

With the ability to save their money, everyone would experience a better quality of life. If they are able to save enough money, they could then start their own business endeavor if they wanted to. They could also invest the money and try to save for retirement.

As far as the death penalty goes, conservative politics call for its use for certain crimes such as rape and murder. If someone is willing to take an innocent person’s life, then they themselves should be put to death.

Liberal policies are totally different on the other hand. They call for an end to the death penalty. There have been numerous cases of innocent people being sent to death row. If they had been put to death, there would have been no way to reverse the mistake.

This is a great point as far as that debate goes, so liberals do have a point that the death penalty shouldn’t be used in all cases. However, if someone is definitely guilty for a crime, then they should certainly be put to death for committing it.

So, what are your views on some of these issues? Do you agree with liberal or conservative politics? Should the wealthy be taxed at a higher rate in order to take care of their less fortunate counterparts? Is it best for the government to ease regulations to enable self-starters to create businesses much easier? These debates have been raging for quite a while.

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