Cooking the Books

To borrow a phrase from President Reagan, “There you go again!”

Strange how history keeps repeating itself.  Well, maybe not so strange if you consider who is creating the history, as this commonsense conservative does!

Back when the November unemployment numbers were released, I wrote the following,  “Thus today we see a reduction in the percentage of the unemployed from 9.2 to 8.5, while the number of the unemployed actually increased!  Now how is this possible?  Well, it’s called “cooking the books.”

Conservative pundits keep comforting us with the historical fact that no sitting president has ever been re-elected with the unemployment rate above 8 percent.  Obviously, Mr. Obama, his campaign manager, Mr. Axelrod, and others are hearing the same story.  As I predicted back in December, since they control the numbers, they will make sure the published unemployment rate drops below 8 percent before election time.  So, “There you go again!”

conservative news Obama and PelosiPresident Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and friends are now celebrating a further reduction for the month of January to 8.3%.

The mainstream media put it this way:

Happy Days are Here Again

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States created jobs at the fastest pace in nine months in January and the unemployment rate unexpectedly dropped to a near three-year low, giving a boost to President Barack Obama.

It’s sorta’ the same type manipulation they used to balance the budget, back when balancing the budget was important.  They simply took Social Security and other obligations “off the books,” so what remained was “in balance.”  But once that manipulation became known, Congress, and the Administration, went one better.  They simply quit publishing a budget.  If there is no budget, then you can’t be accused of overspending it.  Right ?

But back to the unemployment percentage.  As usual, the devil is in the details.  Since the Administration has decreed that those no longer looking for work are not counted as being “unemployed,” and since the Administration is free to determine this number, those considered to be unemployed, and thus the percentage of the unemployed is also reduced.  In this manner, we now have 1.8 million people who are no longer “unemployed.”  They aren’t anything. They have simply disappeared, figuratively speaking, except for being on the rolls to receive Unemployment Compensation.  But we don’t count those.   And thus, the unemployment rate drops to 8.3% for January, and will continue to decline until Election Day. This doesn’t make common sense!

I’ll make you a deal.  I promise you that I won’t write about this again in the ensuing months when the rate drops to 8.1, and then to 7.9, etc., if you will promise me that whenever you see this cause for celebration, you will realize that it’s all a fake.  A fraud, designed to influence the ignorant among us.  And there are a lot of ‘em out there.  And they vote!

NOTE:  just for the record, the average unemployment rate under George W. was 5.2%.

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