Super Tuesday And The Conservative Choice

This is going to be a short posting with a sharp point. In the primary Tuesday, this commonsense conservative only sees one unconservative choice. It’s not hard to figure out who not to vote for, only which of the remaining candidates most meets your criteria for changing the country towards more conservative governance.

Mitt Romney is not now and has never been a conservative. If you just peruse his record for even a short period of time, his big government, central control ideals are not conservative. From there other issues come into play but let’s take a look at the weak case for Romney.

Romney is a conservative(see above) – false. Take any time period of Romney’s life from his father’s refusal to support the presidential candidate in 1964, to Romney’s decisions in Massachusetts, to his race for Senator against Ted Kennedy. Nowhere in his actual record will you find conservative ideals in play.

Romney is a job creator – false. As governor of Massachusetts his state was 47th in job creation. While Romney’s record in the private sector is good, he was not effective as a Governor in job creation.

Romney is the most electable – false. Romney barely won his home state of Michigan. He has barely won in the other states where he did prevail, and only by outspending and slandering his opponents. Neither of these strategies will work against President Obama. Add to that Obama will call him a flip flopper, insincere, ineffective, unable to even run for reelection as governor of Massachusetts… Terrible!

So Romney is not conservative, not a job creator, and not the most electable… Why is he still in this race…Oh yeah, money!

Vote for whomever of the others appeals to you most. For me, that is Newt Gingrich, a proven, effective, intelligent legislator. But you cannot call yourself an intelligent conservative and cast that most ignorant vote of the primary for Romney. You cannot call yourself a Tea Party conservative and vote for Romney. even my friend a conservative moderate Democrat refused to vote for Romney. So go tomorrow and vote for the candidate that most excited you. In the primary, vote your heart, once these other criteria have been met. I believe the primary is the time to truly vote your highest ambition for the office in question. Too many times, as conservatives, we vote against candidates and not in favor of the other. Vote your heart, vote your head, vote your values… and nowhere in that process will Romney appear! We need you more than ever; the stakes have never been higher. Just listen to this commonsense conservative and don’t vote Romney. The country you save may be your own !

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