Tea Party Crisis

As it has become increasingly clear that Mitt Romney, a conservative in name only, is leading the Republican primary, where is the voice of the Tea Party? When Romney is endorsed by Tea Party favorites like Nikki Haley, John Thune, Chris Christie and even Anne Coulter, one has to ask, “Where is the outrage?”

The Tea Party was a coalition of Republicans, conservative Democrats and independents that perceived our nation in trouble for a variety of causes, but primarily reckless government spending. The very initials of the Tea Party, Taxed Enough Already were supposed to stand for a group of folks that recognized the peril facing us from the uncontrolled and in many cases, corrupt spending practices of the present administration. The Tea Party was forward looking, believing that the spending would sooner or later, and necessarily, result in huge increases in taxation to cover the deficit.

Yet here we stand, on the verge of nominating yet another “John McCain type” liberal rino and none of the so called “leaders” of the Tea Party can bring themselves to state the obvious? I saw this week Matte Kibbe, a Tea Party leader from whom I receive emails weekly and sometimes daily, refuse to take a stand against this coming disaster of a Romney nomination. Is this what we worked so hard for in the “wave election” of 2010, a spineless bunch of neutered spokesmouths who are unable to take a stand?

There has been some back room talk about the conservative movement coalescing around one conservative to take on the abomination that would be a Romney nomination, and none to soon! It seems that even the biggest megaphones in the conservative world of talk radio, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and the like are strangely reluctant to state the obvious. That a Romney presidency would be so timid and so useless, so UNCONSERVATIVE, that it hardly seems worth fighting for! Indeed, among all the candidates, only Romney DEPRESSES turnout among conservatives. Think that might be why the White House is so eager to help him get the nomination?

So here we are with the nation in peril as expressed by every voice we can claim as a conservative leader… And those same voices, that solemnly assure us the nation’s future, as founded, is in jeopardy, refuse to take a stand! Let us hope that the conservative “leaders” who urge US to ACT, will themselves find the courage of their convictions and unite to support ONE CONSERVATIVE from among the current pack of Republican nominees to carry the banner forward against the rino Romney. If not, the nation I fear is lost, the Tea Party is a joke, and we have all been had!

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2 comments for “Tea Party Crisis

  1. Doris Sanders
    January 5, 2012 at 9:45 pm

    You are right on the money, Donald.

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