The Debate, Hissy Fits, and Conservative Politics

Once again the Republican candidates have met and “discussed” the challenges we face and their ideas on how to meet them…Sorta. The fact is that in this debate as in others, some of the questioners seemed more interested in promoting infighting and their choice of candidate than in finding policy answers. Chris Wallace was the most obvious, inviting again and again the candidates to slap Newt Gingrich on various positions. Obligingly, they did.

Conservatives and Liberals and Media Oh MY!

Chris even went so far as to frame questions dishonestly, as when he stated that voters were concerned that Romney wouldn’t fight Obama as hard as Gingrich. And then invited Romney to explain that he would. Of course, we all know the beef with Romney is that his political convictions seem to change depending on whether he is running in liberal Massachusetts for senator or conservative states for President, not whether he would fight to win. No one doubts that Romney wants to be President badly…Really badly!

Newt Gingrich won by far, and was the only person in the debateconservative politics elephant that really changed their standing except for Ron Paul, whose views on foreign policy should surely disqualify him as a serious candidate. Time and time again, as the other candidates attacked Gingrich, Newt replied calmly and carefully. No temper tantrums, no personal attacks, and no grandiosity. As Newt has risen in the polls, we have increasing friendly fire from other Republicans as well as the usual suspects in the liberal media. And here is the truth about that…

To Play Along or Not To Play Along….Or Maybe a Hissy Fit

The establishment in Washington both Democrat and Republican has decided that Romney is their favorite candidate. The Democrats want him so they can continue their attack against prosperity and they will paint him as a Wall Street fat cat. The Republicans want him because he won’t do too much, too fast. Romney will be a careful manager advancing slowly, listening to the insiders, and not really cutting government. His Massachusetts record suggests that he is a big government Republican. He wants big government just as badly as the most rabid Democrat; he just wants Republicans to run it more efficiently. Not my kind of guy.

Newt is the kind of guy that will go to Washington and kick the bucket over. The pigs waiting to feed on the government largesse certainly don’t want that! Take their biggest attack against Newt last night, that he advised Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Are the other Republicans really saying they only want liberals and Democrats to advise these companies? Bachmann kept stating last night that Newt “lobbied” for these entities, yet she did not produce a single congressman or senator that testified receiving any phone calls from Newt asking them to support Freddie and Fannie. Simply making charges is not a responsible position when you have no facts to back them up, as Newt pointed out again and again. When Newt pointed this out, Bachmann got all hissy and accused Newt of disrespecting her. I guess that is as good a cover as any when you get caught mis-stating things, but it was hardly convincing.

Elsewhere in Conservative News

conservative politics eagleFinally just a few words on legislation on the federal scene. The tax cut the President is proposing that will put $1000 in the hands of every taxpayer, will take that money out of the Social Security tax. This approach last year blew a $110,000 BILLION hole in the Social Security trust fund. And the tax on millionaires and billionaires was strictly a class warfare item for the presidential election, and not a serious attempt to pay for the tax cut. There aren’t enough of those folks and besides, the President never suggested putting the money BACK in the social security trust fund, but rather the general treasury. So if you are in favor of this tax cut, look no further than the nearest mirror the next time you start complaining about politicians “stealing” Social security funds.

There has been a lot of talk about Republicans not voting for the President’s jobs bill. So much, I am afraid we forgot what the actual bill was. Half the size of his trillion dollar stimulus, with the same winners, bloated state governments, unions, the old “shovel ready” jobs. Thank God our representatives turned that failure down! It is instructive that this President won’t approve a pipeline that would cost the taxpayers nothing and create hundreds of thousands of jobs, and help our dependency on foreign oil, while insisting on this “jobs bill”.

Finally, there is the Republicans refusal to approve a head of the new “Consumer Protection” bureau. Richard Cordray was the guy in Ohio who defended the folks illegally releasing information on Joe the Plumber… With Ohio taxpayers dollars! Sounds like a real winner! But it gets worse! This consumer protection agency would be operated and accountable only to the President as part of this President’s power grab. No congressional oversight and no panel. Just Richard Corday by himself, deciding who’s naughty and nice! Think that might be a position ripe for presidential pressure and political payback?

Stay tuned for more conservative views folks, the stakes have never been higher, and the nation never in more peril. Watch these “conservatives” that endorse Romney like Chris Christie. These folks are getting IOU’s from the Republican Party for their future. We need to remember how quickly they lined up to sell out our values!

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