The Tea Party and the Republican Primary

Today the Sunday pundits, from Juan Williams to David Brooks all declared Romney the Republican Primary winner. In discussions about the other candidates, they all seemed to think these folks were just jousting partners – sparring with Romney to ready him for the coming attacks by Obama once he formally wins the nomination. They even went so far as to misquote (again) Cain as saying that abortion was a family choice! Even Fox, so proudly fair and balanced, did not make the distinction that Cain when he referred to a family’s “choice” was talking about a pregnancy that was the result of rape or incest.

Mitt Romney, as governor of Massachusetts proposed the nation’s first cap and trade system, with consultation by Holdren, Obama’s science czar. Mitt Romney proposed and implemented Romneycare on the state level and again shared advisers with President Obama as the President put together Obamacare… Is this the kind of change Republicans, independents and conservative Democrats are looking for?  The reason Romney remains at 25% at best, is that we don’t want him! So what are we conservative Tea party types to do?

We must learn from the mistakes made in the primary only three years ago, when we selected the most liberal candidate running to be our standard bearer. We must select who’s best and not whose “turn” it is. We must select someone who will fire up the most vocal among us rather than depress them. We must select a principled conservative that will draw a bright line of contrast between what it means to be a Republican versus what it means to be a Democrat. We must get off the sidelines! And we need to be united. Too many times several conservatives run against the one liberal and our influence is split and diminished… But is doesn’t HAVE to be that way!

So now is the time and I believe Cain is the candidate! Is he perfect? Of course not, but a careful search of his story and his personal history would lead most conservatives to the same conclusion I have made. And he needs help NOW to express and promote conservative policies that will take him forward. For this he needs the money, means and support to attract the best minds to his candidacy. In politics, they say early money counts double, middle money counts once, and late money not at all.  Also, we need a strong movement expressing support for a Newt Gingrich Vice Presidency alongside Caine. This would immediately address Cain’s only weakness, a lack of political experience. Rather than being co-opted by the Republican Party it is time for the Tea Party to co-opt the Republicans and take the party back to its conservative views and conservative politics

We cannot afford to waste the valuable opportunity a Cain candidacy offers to win this election, just as sure as a Romney nomination will doom us to failure! Get off the sidelines! Email the Tea Party elders in your area, get with those folks over whom you have influence, and let’s get moving again! Let’s take President Obama’s advice to the Black Caucus and stop complaining, stop grumbling ! We have work to do and let’s go get it done! Cain and Gingrich in 2012!


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