Vote for Bad Financial Reform Legislation or Else

Is it just me, or has every vote in congress become a “Hobson’s Choice”? A “Hobson’s Choice” is form of argument that frames the debate as a false choice between ONLY two alternatives, one of which sounds good, and the other totally unacceptable. It brings in the old, “Don’t let  perfect be the enemy of  good” and “There’s no such thing as a perfect bill” lines of argument to buttress the case. Watch for this approach in politics and you will see it a lot. A conservative views that with suspicion, regardless of origin.

Take the financial regulation debate. Here is the “Hobson’s Choice”: Either you vote for the regulation bill currently in congress, or you don’t want to regulate Wall Street and you are in their pocket.

What about a third choice? Improve/Change the bill?


Hence the term, “Ram it through”.

Hidden behind the obvious $50 billion slush fund is a whole additional series of ideas so bad they make you shudder!

For example, this bill allows the Treasury Secretary to take all sorts of steps outside the $50 billion in bailout money AT HIS DISCRETION that would spend millions of dollars of taxpayer money and never get to the bailout fund…or need additional approval.

The assets of the six largest banks total over 60 percent of our gross domestic product. The only realistic way to prevent our having to come to the aid of these banks in the future it to break them up. They are “too big to fail.” This bill doesn’t address it.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? Exempted from this bill.

I could go on and on but why?

This ain’t conservative politics!

When you go anywhere to make a major purchase, and the seller is constantly saying, “You MUST buy today to get the best price…” Does that make you nervous?

What if he said, “It’s either this car or no car at all”?

There’s a third choice there, Hobson!

Well that is what this “financial reform” is!  It is stampede of public vilification of Wall Street combined with a false choice of options to deal with it, and a rush to the legislative “fix” that fixes nothing, but again transfers a lot of power and money to the government.

This conservative views that as propaganda, not serious debate.

Manipulation, not honest policy.

And finally, it makes me wonder…

Do they think we’re that easily manipulated…?

Uh, yeah!

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