Conservative Views On Talking The Walk

My conservative views of the President’s State of the Union speech are a bit… Well let’s say cynical.

We are told he will talk about the healthcare bill in terms of not allowing special interests to dictate coverage. He will decry the attempts by Republicans to repeal his healthcare reform bill in terms of turning our fate over to the special intersts of the insurance community. I doubt he will mention how the special interests prevented tort reform and competition across state lines!

He will talk about concern for the deficit but also talk about “investments” in business, infrastructure and education. When a liberal says “investments” he means spending. Kinda makes his concern for the deficit a bit suspect don’t you think?

Let’s take those one at a time.

When he talks about “investing” in business what he means is targeted tax cuts or special tax treatment. Why should business tax cuts be “targeted”? I am sure you have heard of “crony capitalism”? This is when the government and business get in bed together… (Like say appointing the head of GE which coincidentally owns MSNBC the MOST supportive television channel of the President’s run for office and his major initiatives) to a prestigious position as a Presidential advisor to the business community. So when the government “targets” tax cuts for business it allows the government to reward its friends.

Want special treatment for your research projects? Support the President and ANYTHING can happen! This is a much better approach than just providing across the board tax cuts that allow the most efficient businesses to expand. After all, your political “enemies” might profit from across the board tax cuts and we can’t allow that!

Then there is the big talk about infrastructure spending. This was the most talked about part of the trillion dollar stimulus bill even though it represented less than 3% of the spending involved. Presently the gasoline tax is used for all kinds of projects that are not related to roads and bridges. I know it seems “simplistic” but this commonsense conservative has a suggestion. Why don’t we require 100% of all gasoline and diesel taxes raised to be used for highway and bridge infrastructure maintenance and repair before we ask for more taxes from the taxpayer? Now there is an idea we could ALL get behind; isn’t it? Let’s see if this bipartisan proposal is part of the President’s speech.

Finally, let’s talk abut education spending. Time and time again, we have thrown more money at education with little to show for it. Here’s another of my conservative views. We make a deal with the teacher’s union that when they start allowing us to fire incompetent teachers, we’ll start talking about paying the good teachers more? Let’s explore ways to hold PARENTS more accountable for their children’s educational performance! Maybe a tax cut for parents that show up for teachers conferences? As the popular book about Chinese mothers shows, it is the parent that values education and motivates their children to learn that makes a difference in test scores!

I could go on and on with my conservative views but you get the idea. We have a President that wrings his hands about the inherited deficit while adding 4 trillion in deficit spending of his own. It is time to stop listening to what this guy SAYS, and start watching what he DOES! It’s good to give a great speech, but that only gets you so far.

DSHolman's conservative viewsAs my father used to say, “It’s not about how high you jump and how loud you shout in church, it’s about how straight you walk and how clean you live when you LEAVE the church that makes a difference in lives”. As we see the President “talk” as if he has swung to the middle in terms of policy, let’s see if he rolls back the EPA attempt to regulate carbon, co-operates with making the healthcare bill more consumer driven and less Washington driven, stops cozzying up to the unions everytime we turn around, and makes centrist POLICY instead of centrist speeches.

Mr. President, this commonsense conservative will be watching to see if your actions match your rhetoric!

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