The Bully Is Not Amused

This commonsense conservative is confused. This evening our President has called on the leader of Egypt, Mubarak, to listen to the cries of his people for a more democratic form of government. The President also called on the protesters to assemble and voice their protests peacefully. Our President also called on Mubarak to return the internet and cell phone use to the people. Of course, there was no mention of how Mubarak could do that when they  were using these devices to plan further protests. Our President also called on Mubarak to not use the military against the people, again without indicating exactly WHO would prevent looting, rioting and lawlessness.

All well and good! But did anyone besides me notice that when we saw this same kind of unrest in Iran, our President seemed to take the side of the totalitarian rulers, calling on the people to step down… Does that strike anyone besides me as odd? Why does our President feel free to call on our allies to loosen the reigns of power, but not our enemies? Does he really believe that not only the American people are not noticing, but also dictators around the world are not noticing?

When you think about the mullahs of Iraq, don’t forget that President Jimmy Carter withdrew our support from the Shah and allowed the mullahs to overthrow him. We were told at the time that the mullahs merely wanted a religious component to the government and that Iran would become a democracy. That hardly turned out to be the case. While the shah had given women rights to education and jobs, the mullahs reinstituted the covering from head to toe of the Iranian women, and crippled if not destroyed the middle class in Iran.

As you look around the world at the mess our foreign policy is in I ask this question. Have we once again elected a president so hopelessly inexperienced that the world grows more dangerous every day? Does anyone respect or fear the current administration? If you think about how these Middle Eastern rulers came to power, it was mostly through bloodshed and ruthlessly murdering the opposition. Do these sound like leaders that would respond to bowing and scraping and “extending the open hand of friendship” with anything but contempt? When you consider THEIR world experiences, don’t you think they take such gesturing as signs of weakness? Does the schoolyard bully respond to calls for friendship? Or is he more likely to respond to either outright violence, or the threat of violence? When the world’s only super power cringes and whines for friendship, my commonsense conservative views lead me to believe that the world becomes a more dangerous place. Do you really see an advantage in peace through weakness? Or are we more likely to be effective on the world stage when we are feared? Peace thru strength is what we need to be seeking. But if we are 14 trillion in debt; how do we go about that? When we send an ambassador to Syria while they actively seek the overthrow of Lebanon are the bullies of the Middle East impressed?

I think not. No matter where you look across the workd, our President’s flowery rhetoric has failed to enhance the peace and security of the world. And one is tempted to shout, “The emporer has no clue!” Stay tuned to my commonsense conservative views. The trouble is only beginning!

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