A Conservative Views Herman Cain And Charges of Sexual Harassment

With the rarefied air filled with hypocrisy, this Sunday’s political shows were full of hand wringing by the “Friends of Bill Clinton” liberal media over the survival by Herman Cain of their attempts to discredit him with sexual harassment charges. Their self examination would have been laughable had it not revealed how truly out of touch they are with the public they purport to inform. How could it be, they pondered, that we braided the rope, built the platform, brought the crowd, and still the mob refused to form and use the tools we provided? Some introspection might be required!

Liberal Media Attacks on Conservative Views

The first and most obvious mistake by the media was to launch their action with Politico, the branch of the Washington Post that publishes Democrat attacks under the guise of journalism that even the leftist Washington Post dare not pretend are legitimate. Not exactly an auspicious beginning! Add to it the increasing reluctance of the “victims” of this harassment to come forward and make their charges in an open way, and one could begin to see the case fall apart. Then there was the circling of the wagons by talk radio and the reluctance of even his opponents in the presidential primaries to jump on the media bandwagon…

The final death of this vicious attempt was sown when the inevitable comparisons began between this case of sexual misconduct charges, and the attempted high tech lynching of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. When replays of Justice Thomas’s ringing denunciation of the actions taken against him hit the air, the disintegration of their attack was complete. Now that their bid to discredit Herman Cain using the most vicious stereotypes of black folks had been discredited, they were left dispiritedly whining that Cain’s response had been “amateurish” with the ever helpful RINO ( Republican In Name Only) David Brooks admonishing that politics is best left to the “professionals”!   

Conservative Views MTPUnwilling to let this attempt go, on NBC’s Meet The Press show former Governor Bill Richardson bemoaned whether there was any room in a Republican Party for strong conservative women, since they took sexual harassment charges so lightly, only to be reminded that his governorship was taken by just such a Republican woman! Smiling uneasily, Bill slunk off the stage.

The lack of insight into how this could have happened begs for a real answer. And immodestly perhaps, this writer would like to offer some help. Start with the lack of curiosity from the main-street media about 2008 Presidential candidate Barack Obama, followed by literally legions of these same main-streamers running to Alaska in search of ANY dirt they could find on former governor Sarah Palin.  The continuing lack of main stream reporting on all the shady characters in Obama’s past, along with  incredibly favorable reporting of every move by the fawning press, and finally the American public may be catching on!

Mainstream Media Lacks Credibility Says Conservative Views

I believe that the erosion in credibility among these media has reached critical mass, and even those marginally disposed to believe the media can no longer take any of their reports at face value. Add to this the distrust over the years among the public concerning sexual harassment charges, which are often settled by companies to protect their corporate reputations rather than address any real problem, and the puzzle is simply reduced to this. The mainstream media is given little credibility when they  praise a Democrat candidate, and none when they seek to destroy a conservative candidate. And when it is their old attempts to prey on racial prejudices of the most base kind…

We may actually see for a change as the Cain candidacy progresses who the real racists are! And it may be more about race hustlers, the soft bigotry of low expectations, and the Democratic plantation masters that ends up being revealed! After all, the narrative is that only the Democrat Party truly cares about minorities. And only through the preferential processes of affirmative action and liberal thought are minorities allowed access to power. Only Democrats are allowed to play the race card!  What fun this race promises to be!

Stay tuned! 

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