A Look At Conservative Politics

Politics with a conservative standpoint firmly believe in free markets, personal responsibility, individual liberty and limited governmental control. This political view appreciates and values a strong national defense and traditional American values. Conservative politicians adamantly believe that the government’s role is to maintain the freedom necessary to achieve individual goals.

The ideal economy under a conservative’s context would be competitive capitalism, a free market system, and private enterprises. This allows the people to exercise their own business decisions without the burden of a government with excessive regulations or limiting laws. More elbow room for business owners to earn a higher standard of living.

Conservative politics also sees education in a different perspective by favoring school vouchers over public education so that schools will be forced to improve based on the competition. This would enable parents to choose from a better selection of schools for their children, without the high costs of private schools.

Sources of our country’s energy would also be handled differently with a conservative political mind because oil drilling would increase both on water and land. This would serve to lower the prices of purchasing overseas and thereby making our country less-dependent on others for oil. Nuclear energy is also regarded as a more reliable and long term solution for energy versus solar and wind sources.

As far as the environment and global warming is concerned, the change in temperature is over extensive periods of time and is natural to occur. A conservative politician believes that modern science has not given human beings the reasons to believe we can make changes to the earth’s temperature. Reductions in emissions of carbon will only increase prices and will not benefit the environment.

Conservative politics limits the control of government and with healthcare: it favors private practices to address and solve the problems of individuals who have no insurance but require basic to serious care. However the problem may be solved, the government should not partake in this burden that results in higher costs or poor quality care.

Welfare is not a benefit that conservative politicians intend to provide. This helps those in need to become more self-sufficient and not rely so heavily on the government to support them. It is believed that teaching those who need help to assist themselves will improve their life in the long run.

Religion is a lingering symbol that will not be removed from public places such as government buildings or public spaces in a conservative political society. The government is not allowed to establish a universal church or interfere with the freedom of individuals to choose their own religion. According to the First Amendment in the Constitution, schools and government places can acknowledge God, but there will be no law to prohibit freedom of religion.

Conservative politics  is a completely different system of beliefs and intentions for our country to survive and thrive from a liberal’s beliefs for example. Differences in setting up business, education, religion and healthcare are more traditional and promote beliefs in individual liberty.

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