America The Last Best Hope

It seems that most who came to the US from Europe instinctively know what’s happening here.  They’ve seen it happen to their countries and they’re fearful about what our government is doing now. They see the same promises made and believe the same results will be forthcoming. Where do they go from here?  President Ronald Reagan said “…if we lose freedom in America, there is no place else to go”. He was right.

The Austrians for example, actually voted Hitler to be their president because of the promise of prosperity they believed he would bring. They were in desperate times and their economy was devastated.  Sound familiar?   Unfortunately, the gradual advancement of the German regime didn’t produce the result they expected, and the Austrians were enslaved.  Just like the Polish, who were slaughtered because they resisted the same fate.

Again, where will we go to escape the Socialist empire President Obama wants to reign over? There’s not another place on earth like America and we have voluntarily voted a tyrant into power. Our only hope is to vote him out. We still have that right, if we wake up to the reality of what we face. We have to do it as a people because even Rino-Republicrats, the supposed “party of independence,” are in agreement with these new anti-capitalist principles Obama has ushered onto our country.

It’s sad to see that we have so little vision that we, as Conservatives, are being led to believe that we must support a man who at his core goes along with these ideas, and has no intention of returning us to a Constitutional Republic, but only reducing the effects of what’s already in place.  His is a record of moderation, earned after 4 years of having backed the same type of moderate idealism as the governor of Massachusetts.

Our collective amnesia will definitely be our downfall. We, as working people, don’t have the time to delve deeply into the filth of today’s politics while trying to maintain our own American dream.

conservative views - milking timePoliticians have all the time in the world to come up with ways to re-distribute our money, and peel off some for themselves, while we are largely oblivious to the greed and corruption of their ways.

We have created a system where people spend $millions to get a political job that pays $thousands, so the country has fallen into the hands of those eat from the public trough while thriving on the labor of others. We have seldom asked why that would make sense, but we have always known it to be the case.

Now, with many millions of citizens and non-citizens on the government payroll, we have to rectify the problem that we should have grappled with decades ago;  the problem of government over expansion and over control.

One election will not turn this decline completely around, but it will begin a process of dealing with the Carpetbaggers who have usurped control of our Constitutional legacy of liberty and prosperity.


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