Conservative Views of America’s Place in the World

When I think of American power in the world, I often come back to a very simple principle; Peace thru strength. When America is strong, and shows a measured willingness to USE its strength, this conservative views that as the most powerful force for peace in the world. Simply possessing the power gets you nothing. If you show yourself to be faint hearted, or hesitant, those watching will draw the conclusion that  you are unwilling or unable to weild the power you possess. Ronald Regan said after sending missiles after Ghaddaffi, ”

  • Today we have done what we had to do. If necessary, we shall do it again. It gives me no pleasure to say that, and I wish it were otherwise… When our citizens are abused or attacked anywhere in the world on the direct orders of a hostile regime, we will respond so long as I’m in this Oval Office…Despite our repeated warnings, Qadhafi continued his reckless policy of intimidation, his relentless pursuit of terror. He counted on America to be passive. He counted wrong.
  • -Ronald Reagan’s address to the United Nations concerning the missile strikes against Ghaddaffi in 1986.

This whole line of thought leads me to our present predicament in the world. I ask you a question to ponder… When the President of the Untied States speaks in Cairo Egypt and apologizes for America’s past sins, real and imagined, is our standing with the desperadoes of the world strengthened or weakened?

Ronald Reagan again,

Americans “[…]Are not going to tolerate intimidation, terror and outright acts of war against this nation and its people. And we are especially not going to tolerate these attacks from outlaw states run by the strangest collection of misfits, Looney Tunes and squalid criminals since the advent of the Third Reich[…] There can be no place on earth where it is safe for these monsters to rest,or train or practice their cruel and deadly. We must act together – or unilaterally, if necessary – to ensue that these terrorists have no sanctuary, anywhere.”

Just a thought…which of these speeches would constitute an American power that makes the bullies of the world hesitate? For whatever faults you think you can find with Donald Rumsfeld (Donating the proceeds of his ONLY book to the families of fallen soldiers.) and Dick Cheney, do you think people like that make the crazies of the world think twice when they gather to make mischief for the United States? Does Joe Biden make a credible Vice President?

The bottom line is that it we are best able to make the world a more peaceful place when we speak clearly and evenly, and are seen to have the resolve to back our word with action. When we state unequivocally what we will tolerate, and when those lines are violated we act swiftly and decisively. There is a difference between bluster and determination. The world will follow our lead if we speak clearly, act with justice, and back our words with actions. Time after time, when America’s President is seen as weak, bad characters around the world see an opening. In my conservative views, our loss of power in the world is a direct result of the actions and in-actions of our leadership team in the White House. And then there is the growth of our national debt that makes us a beggar nation in the world… But for that – another blog this week!

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