Commonsense Solutions Hidden in Plain Sight

I am beyond tired of chasing numbers thru braindead articles on Debt and Deficit. Let me give you the perspective from a “Commonsense Political Conservative”:

For a long time, the debt has been quoted in huge numbers, trillions, which is a number so large, who cares once you get past a couple of them?  But then there are other measures of debt, such as a percentage of GDP. Which is kind of like saying, yes, we owe more debt on our business, but look how big our business has grown. As a percentage of our business (the country), it’s still pretty small… And that works up to a point.

But let’s say that you keep expanding that debt to the point that even though the business is running more money (GDP) you have let the debt on your business (the country) that the interest payments are starting to eat in to the capital you need to pay your bills! … And that is where we are heading. That is what is meant by, “this growth in deficits is unsustainable”.

So you would think that we would be looking at ways to cut spending, raise taxes, and pay down the debt?

Uh, no.

We have just passed a NEW massive entitlement plan that will become the mother of unfunded mandates. I don’t have space to go into the brave new world of free healthcare. But just look at the history of the growth in spending on entitlements, it’s not pretty.

The Cap and Trade system the administration is talking about passing is strictly a method to make energy more expensive thru “carbon taxes”, and have the consumer pay the difference. Bottom line, more tax money to the government, higher costs to the citizen.  A transfer of wealth from the citizen to the government.  Furthermore, higher energy costs make our industry even less competitive on the world market.

Theoretically this might be somehow worth it if at the end of the day, the money was being paid on the deficit. But it isn’t. No one is talking about using this money to pay down the debt. They are talking about “investing” in green energy – a mostly unproven collection of wishful thinkers!

(I ain’t saying they ain’t gonna come up with something eventually, but I wouldn’t bet my retirement money on it… Well you wouldn’t but the government would!)

As a result of this whole “green economy” thinking, we have done nothing about increasing PRESENT energy supplies. So if we WERE to start doing better, imagine expensive new carbon taxes with gasoline prices peaking this summer around $4.00 a gallon. Isn’t that what started the present crisis?

A big part of the stimulus money was sent to the states to help with their budget shortfalls. That money runs out in 2011. They are either going to have massive layoffs in 2011 or the federal government is going to come to the rescue again. (More deficit spending)

Legalizing the ilegals will be a huge cost to the government, as many of this population are in the sector of the economy that takes far more in services than they pay in, in taxes. In effect we have become the “poverty program” for uneducated latinos.

(You can’t blame them, it’s a great move on their part.  Most of them are hardworking people who deserve a chance to get ahead. But WE can’t afford it – THEIR country needs to do that, and worrying studies show the second generation is not assimilating and has high unemployment, alcoholism and drug use, criminal activity  – Not a good sign!)

I could go on and on about new, expensive programs in the offing.  It’s as if you had a meeting with your financial guy and he told you that you were over extended.   You can’t afford the debt you have. So you go out and find huge NEW debts to shoulder.  How does this make sense?

Let me short list you a commonsense conservative politics solution:

1.   Open up all available federal lands to energy exploration and cataloging.  Make rapid. clean development a high priority along with job creation.  Share tax revenue with states with extra payment for streamlining start ups. In other words, develop our own energy resources.

2.   Take moneys presently used for ethanol subsidies that clearly do not work, to research in universities and research facilities all across the country. Team up with energy companies to explore all reasonable alternative energy source.

3.   Have a Presidential Level – Race to the Moon style effort from NASSA to solve the energy problem with an eye towards space and hydrogen research.

4.   Two trillion dollars in capital is held outside the US by US companies because of punitive taxes on bringing it home. Declare a “Homecoming Holiday” on capital for one year of reduced rates and get that money back here working!

5.   LOWER the corporate tax rate and increase citizenship opportunities for highly trained scientists (We’ll need ‘em for our energy research anyway.). It’s “Roll out the Barrel” for any entrepenuers that want to come here and open up shop!

We have something here that is available nowhere else in the world!  The vibrancy and freedom of our lifestyle!  Every company should want to have its corporate headquarters here! The only reason they don’t is we tax the crap out of them!

Now I could go on and on but you get the  idea. Things don’t have to be the way they are. They are the way they are because we keep sending the same players back to play the same game. If we want to change the game, we gotta sit up and take notice and change the players… And if those don’t perform, we need to fire them.  We need a new phrase and I call it “cino”. That’s short for “Conservative in Name Only” and it applies to Republicans and Democrats alike.  There have been “conservative” Democrats elected in the last two years that were anything but. There were “conservative” Republicans in power for years that did their share of deficit spending.  The point is, if you are for new spending and taxes, you aren’t conservative. If you are for higher energy prices, you aren’t conservative. If you are for amnesty you aren’t conservative. If you are for “national Healthcare” you’re not conservative (And you may be crazy, certainly delusional!).

So go vote for it. And scream CINO (see-no)conservative in name only, whenever you hear someone start to talk about any of the above.


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