Conservative Views of the Sunday Political Shows

DSHolman Conservative ViewsAs I watched the political programs this Sunday, I (with my simple conservative views) am amazed that the truth of the shootings has not really made it to the debate. The overwhelming lesson to learn from this shooting is not that we need to outlaw clips that carry over a certain number of rounds. It is not that we need more civil political discourse. While that might be nice, it is as the President said, not the cause of this shooting.

The real problem this shooting outlines is that a mentally disturbed young man was identified both by a college and the police force, as having a mental problem, yet no one insisted on treatment. His school did not, his police force did not, and apparently his parents did not. We must realize that the over-reaction to involuntary commitment as highlighted by the movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest was wrong, and needs to be corrected! We must not, and need not allow mentally ill people to roam our streets and carry out a life of desperation due to our neglect. You don’t have to share my conservative views to understand that.

Had this ill young man been followed up on and identified as mentally ill, then he would never have been allowed to own a gun in the first place! The problem with this approach is that there is no political advantage to it! So who wants to argue it? Who will champion a cause that brings no big headlines and political capital with it?

The sad fact is that the Sunday political programs, that used to be such lively events where we were treated to the spectacle of political figures being asked and forced to answer hard questions is a thing of the past. For the most part, liberal moderators ask softball questions, or ask hard questions and then don’t follow up when evasions are employed. When a politician answers a question with a questionable if not outright fallacious statement, no one is there to hold him or her to account… So what’s the point?

I, in my commonsense conservative views,  believe our political shows have become, by and large, showplaces for liberal politicians to posture and bloviate without fear. And in that, we all lose!

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