Conservative Views On The Debt Crisis


Conservative Views From a Commonsense Conservative

This debt discussion is being done in such a dishonest way that it is hard to watch the political figures trot in front of the microphones and lay out their various positions. This commonsense conservative is going to lay out the positions for you very clearly in just a few short paragraphs.

The Democrats believe that the best use of government is to take wealth that citizens create through their labor from them and distribute it more “fairly”. Democrats believe that given choices, the American people will make the wrong one and therefore they must be “forced” or “managed” in the way they live their lives. Democrats believe that business owners are evil and greedy and must be restrained.

The Republicans believe government governs best that governs least. They believe the greatest danger to a free people is in many ways the exact attitude of the Democrats – that society must be managed by “experts” and that the people need government to manage their lives. To that end, republicans are SUPPOSED to always oppose the expanding role of government in our lives. Republicans believe that businesses are run by actual flesh and blood people who while they cannot be unsupervised, are not the devil incarnate.

Conservative Views VS Democratic Views

Now comes the debt problem. Let me lay out some false arguments we are hearing over and over from the Democrats.

1.   Cut “Big Oil” subsidies. Fine with me. These subsidies have been in place since the 1920’s. Since cutting these will result in higher costs to the oil companies; gas prices will go up… Sound like a good idea to you?

2.   The Republicans passed a drug prescription plan that was unpaid for. Very true and regrettable… Not conservative at all and Bush took a lot of heat for that move. But at the time Bush passed his bill, the Democrats wanted a prescription drug bill twice as large also unpaid for. Somehow the Democrats never mention that. So are the Democrats now saying they are against drug assistance for seniors?

3.   We need to raise taxes to make things more “fair”. Now if you were a commonsense person and you looked at the progressive tax rates we have now that punish success and get higher the more successful you become, you might think Democrats were talking about some way of collecting taxes from the 48% that are getting a free ride… But no. Democrats believe that the top 10% that presently pay over half of the burden of government are the ones that are not paying their “fair share”. Is it fair for 10% to pay for 50%? Are THE 10%  the ones not doing their part? It would seem to me they are doing their part and a bunch more people’s part too!

4.   One of the scariest talking points the Democrats have been “mentioning” starting with the President himself, is that he will not guarantee social security and military checks will go out. Just Google it and you will find out that plenty of money will be coming in to the treasury to cover these checks. What you see is how government would be run under the Democrat’s philosophy.  “If you don’t vote for my way of doing things, I will stop your government check!” Do you see how depending on government “Democrat Style” starts to eat away at your freedom?


So now we are coming close to a deal that includes a “panel” (Democratic experts you know) that will look for further savings, while cutting a trillion and raising the debt ceiling. (Keep in mind the President HAD a deficit commission and ignored every one of its ideas!) Oh and a way to get more out of that pesky 10% already paying far more than their share. And (get this) one of the ways the Democrats want to force the panel to act is to automatically raise taxes if the panel doesn’t get its ideas passed. The Republicans want to force automatic spending cuts if the panel doesn’t get its work done.


Conservative Policies Offer The

Commonsense Solutions

See the difference? The Democrats believe if they spend more than they should, YOU should pay more taxes to cover it. The Republicans believe if the government spends too much IT should cut. Go figure!

So prepare yourself for a big speech from this President telling us all how serious he is about deficit spending. Yes, the same one who just a few weeks ago proposed a budget that called for 10 trillion dollars in additional deficit spending over the next ten years, and didn’t get a single vote for it even from his own party. The president who wanted a “clean” debt ceiling bill that just gave him the money and away we go!

This commonsense conservative is warning you now. If you want future warnings from “Big Brother” about your government support every time there is a vote that threatens the rule of Democrats, keep voting them into office. And if you want to get this nation back to its founding ideals of freedom, liberty and opportunity you had best vote in some conservative Republicans!

At least, those are my conservative views.


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