Conservative Views on the Teacher’s Union Support of Mumia

So here we go again!  We didn’t do it, it was our leaders!  Sound familiar?  This time, the California Federation of Teachers is publicly opposing the execution of convicted murderer, Mumia Abu-Jamal, who has been on death row since his 1982 murder of Police Officer Daniel Faulker.  Faulker, a white 25-year-old patrolman had pulled over Abu-Jamal’s brother in downtown Philadelphia.  Prosecutors say Abu-Jamal saw his brother being stopped, and shot Faulkner, who managed to shoot back before he went down, wounding his attacker.  When additional police arrived, they found a wounded Abu-Jamal, holding a .38 caliber revolver (registered to Mr. Jamal) and five spent cartridges scattered beside him.  He was wearing a shoulder holster, and the shell casings and rifling characteristics of the weapon were consistent with bullet fragments taken from Faulkner’s body.  Seems like a pretty convincing case to me. But in 2008, 26 years after his conviction, the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals granted the former Black Panther a new sentencing hearing based on what it deemed flawed jury instructions.

So the California Federation of Teachers, aided and abetted by the National Federation of Teachers, one of the two major national teachers’ unions, is protesting his continued incarceration and advocating his freedom.  At what point will the teachers’ unions be more concerned with the pitiful state of public education than they are about the fate of a convicted cop killer?  Mumia Abu-Jamal, does not deserve the honor and respect of teachers.   But the fact that the union would take the time to support such a cause shows that the teachers’ union, and its leadership, has little if anything to do with educating our children.

Remember Wisconsin?  It wasn’t really the local elementary school teachers that created the $3 million damage to the Capital Building.  It must have been their union leaders!

It wasn’t the peace loving Muslims that destroyed the Twin Towers, blew up the Pentagon, torpedoed the USS Cole, sponsored the Shoe Bomber, prompted the killings at Fort Hill, or sent the Underwear Bomber over Detroit, but only their radical Jihadists leaders.

It wasn’t the peace-loving Iraqis that presented a threat to our security, only their leader, Saddam Hussein.  But more than five years after we exterminated the evil Saddam six American soldiers have been killed so far this month by peace loving Iraqis.  And today, Egyptian revolutionaries are demonstrating against the popular military government they set up just last month to rule after the overthrow of their evil leader Mubarak.

Where are all those gentle Muslims who just want to praise the benevolence of their God, while their Imams are promoting terrorism all over the globe? Where were all the Wisconsin schoolmarms while their union leaders were carrying those vile signs, threatening to shoot political opponents “in the head,” and inflicting $3 million damage to the Wisconsin Statehouse? Where are we as we see our beloved country sliding down the slippery slope to thirdworld corruption and unbridled thievery? Don’t blame us… we didn’t do it. It must have been those evil politicians that we keep electing and re-electing!


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