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It just won’t go away.  The mysterious Obama birth certificate.  But the real question to my conservative views is not where it is, but why it isn’t!

conservative views birth certificateWhat no doubt seemed very clear to Thomas Jefferson and the other framers of the Constitution has become somewhat muddled by all the politicians and their attorneys attempting to interpret its meaning to support whatever cause they were advocating at the time.  The qualification for president is no exception.  “No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United states at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution shall be eligible to the Office of President.” There have even been those who said that persons given birth through Caesarian Section should be disqualified!

But here it should be very simple.  Was Obama born in one of his “57” states as he claims, and if so, where is the proof?  You would think that simple question would have been answered in page one, paragraph one of his candidacy announcement.  And yet, after more than two years into his presidency, it still has not been resolved.

A statement of birth has been provided, but that won’t get you a Passport, a duplicate of your Social Security card, or in many states, even a Drivers’ License!

Vowing to lay the issue to rest once and for all, former 10-term Democrat Congressman, member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, and current Governor of Hawaii, Neil Ambercrombie, stated publicly he would get to the bottom of the mystery and deliver the birth certificate.  If ever there was a Democrat and Obama loyalist, Ambercrombie would be it.  Then he mysteriously changed his mind.

Renewed interest has been created by potential presidential candidate Donald Trump, who claims to have a team of lawyers now in Hawaii investigating the issue.   To add more mystery, Obama’s paternal grandmother has stated publicly that she was present at his birth in Kenya, and there is a sign on the outskirts of her home town proclaiming its fame as being the birthplace of the President of the United States of America!   Jerome Corsi, a Ph D in political science from Harvard and highly regarded two-time No. 1 New York Times bestselling author, is about to release his latest book, “Where’s the Birth Certificate: The Case That Barack Obama Is Not Eligible to Be President.”
Naturally, White House spinmasters say that it is all just a political trick by those “Wascally Wepublicans” attempting to embarrass the President in anticipation of the 2012 election.

It is important?  Yes and No.  If it could be proven that President Obama is serving illegally, would he be removed from office?  Of course not.  Who would do it, Attorney General Holder?  Gimmie a break!

But the more important question is, “why?”  Why has President Obama spent $millions of his own and taxpayer money attempting to hide the origin of his birth?  If, as he professes, he is a “natural born citizen,” why not end all by producing the document claims to have.  Why perpetuate a problem, or the suspicion of a problem, if none exists?

There is obviously more here than meets the eye. Those with conservative views would ask why he doesn’t “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States” by laying this matter to rest. Will we ever know the truth?  Probably not.  And it’s too late now anyway.

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  1. ann
    April 20, 2011 at 11:21 am

    The proof is the Hawaii Certification of Live Birth, which is the official and only birth certificate that Hawaii issues. Thousands of people use it to get their US passports every year. In addition to the official birth certificate itself, there were the repeated confirmations by three Republican officials in Hawaii. And there were the notices in the Hawaii newspapers, which were not ads. They were notices of birth sent to the newspapers by the government of Hawaii–which sent them only for births in Hawaii, and not for births outside of Hawaii.

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