Drill Baby Drill !

Does it seem to you that common sense (never in large supply in political circles) has gone missing in Washington DC? This commonsense conservative views our future with increasing dismay!

Our President just awarded a $2 BILLION loan to Brazil for deep water drilling for oil (money we borrowed from our Chinese bankers), while his Department of the Interior was judged in contempt of court for delaying deep water drilling permits in American waters.   Only 7 have been issued in the past twelve months.

Our President lectured us sternly about living within our means, and even established a “Debt Commission” to help us learn how to do it.  Then he then he ignored every one of their recommendations and proposed a budget that runs  trillion dollar deficits for 10 years straight.

The Republicans propose cutting the budget by $61 billion and the Democrats call these cuts “extreme.”  And they say the “Tea Party” is forcing  this measure… I mean EXTREME measure… upon moderate Republicans.  Do they think the only people concerned about the debt crisis are Tea Party people?  I meet conservative Democrats every day that are concerned about it!

Our Tennessee Senator Bob Corker has crisscrossed the state talking about his pending CAP constitutional amendment, a balanced budget amendment to assure we will restrain spending in the future. But what is his stance on the $60 billion cut that is being proposed by fellow Republicans in the House of Representatives?  I talked with his office Friday, and he has “no position” because it hasn’t reached the Senate yet… Huh?  You can crisscross the state talking about the need to cut spending IN THE FUTURE but you won’t make up your mind on present spending until a bill reaches the floor of the Senate?   If Senate Leader Harry Reid’s management tactics stay true to form, he probably won’t have time to think about it then!  Remember Obamacare?

You see, the sad fact is that the folks in Washington of both parties agree with each other a lot more than they agree with us. They WANT to keep spending money because that is how they get elected and stay elected.  They want to keep making those promises with our money, regardless of the deficit, because they really don’t think we are watching.  And, sadly, most of us aren’t.  Just keep those government checks coming and we’re OK!

Let me ask you just a few more questions:  How many more American soldiers must die, how many more billions must be spent, and how much more time are we going to waste before we start drilling for our own oil?  Do you realize a huge new deposit has been found in North Dakota?  There is so much activity there that the unemployment rate is 3%, and they are looking for more workers! The Bakken formation estimates of recoverable oils have increased 25X from the 2000 estimate to the latest (2008) estimate. And that is only ONE oil field! There are many more oil fields here in the U. S. of A., but most of it is off limits due to Government regulations. But the government is pretty willing to license federal property without oil and then complain when it’s not drilled!  The fact is we really don’t have a good estimate of how much oil we have, and our natural gas reserves (which was powering vehicles 32 years ago when I was in high school) are the largest in the world!

Do you realize that every penny increase in the price of gas represents $1 billion in spending by American families to support some Middle Eastern economy?  Does it seem obvious to you that we ought to be keeping this business right here at home?  We could, you know!  But President Obama’s Secretary of Energy, Dr. Steven Chu, has recently repeated that his objective is to force gasoline prices here to be comparable to those in Europe, $7 to $10 a gallon, either through increased taxation or limiting the available supply.  The plan is to force us to abandon petroleum based fuel in favor of wind and solar power. Good luck with that one!!  So again I ask you, where is the commonsense conservative view in Washington DC?  When the election rolls around again in 2012, do you think we can find someone with a little of it to send up there?  Frankly, I’m still looking!

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4 comments for “Drill Baby Drill !

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  2. Joseph Bergeron
    April 4, 2011 at 2:24 pm

    There needs to be a petition drive via internet for drilling our own oil the U.S.A. NOW!
    I’m out of patients.

  3. April 21, 2011 at 3:51 pm

    I agree with you , this president approved a loan to Brazil, with borrowed MONEY!!
    This guy is nuts….. DRILL IN THE USA!! The moment he signed for this to happen the price of oil & gas would go DOWN!! Why is he trying to destroy us? WE need a petition, we need those dummys in congress to go against him, impeach!! Impeach!!
    I’m out of patients also, just like the rest of this country, we need JOBS in this country.
    All he cares about now is JOB…….campaging NOW!!! You have got to be kidding!

  4. April 26, 2011 at 10:08 pm


    Are you tired of getting “hosed” by Obama and his radical socialists and extremists in the White House and Congress with their $4.00/gallon gasoline every time you go to the gas station?

    Sick of Obama giving away OUR $2.8 billion to a FOREIGN government (Brazil) so they can start their own “Drill Baby Drill” program, so “we can be their biggest customers” where Brazil will no doubt, rip-us off like OPEC has for the past 40 years?

    Have you had enough of being forced to buy over-priced gasoline that supports terrorists and Middle East/Muslim countries – some who take America’s dollars we send them for their oil, and and make bombs and bulletts and send our boys back in body bags?

    Did you know that America has more oil than all of the Middle-east countries combined?!? There is no reason for American’s to pay more than $1.60/gallon for gasoline, according to several petroleum economists!

    But Obama won’t let us drill for America’s oil, fulfilling at least one of his campaign promises….. “energy prices will necessarily sky-rocket!”

    Obama and his radical extremists and socialist agenda for America is truly deplorable and despicable on many levels, not to mention a slap in the face to America’s taxpayers, America’s oil and gas industry, America’s energy consumers, and American’s seeking jobs.

    Are you ready to send a message back to Obama and his radical extremists and socialists?

    Join us, and our Drill Baby Drill campaign! The Drill Baby Drill Campaign is within several days of our kick-off.

    Our newly re-designed website:


    will be sending a message that is crystal clear to Obama and his Chicago mob in Washington – that we have had enough of his Un-American policies, especially those preventing American oil and natural gas companies to produce America’s oil here in the U.S.A. and giving away $2.8 billion of OUR money, so a foreign government can start their own Drill Baby Drill program!

    The need America had 3 years ago for a “Drill Baby Drill” program is even more urgent and needed now!

    As you may recall, “Drill Baby Drill” was one of the primary themes and rallying cry for those “real” American’s seeking real change.

    Join us and other American’s seeking “real” change…. change for ending rampant government spending, ending “Federal Tryanny” of the extremists and socialists in Congress and the White House, and stopping their giving away our money to foreign governements in support of THEIR “Drill Baby Drill” programs!

    Our new http://www.DrillBabyDrill.com site will have a blog, Petition and Drill Baby Drill marketing materials for supporting America’s domestic oil and gas companies.

    Will you join us and help support the Drill Baby Drill campaign?

    Please review our “old” site: http://www.DrillBabyDrill.com and let me know if you are in agreement, or have any questions or suggestions. We will also be offering t-shirts, bumper stickers, Polo shirts, and other items, to help spread our message, and are attaching several of our logos for your review.

    I look forward to hearing back from you. Thank you.


    Monte Goodell
    Drill Baby Drill!

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