Drowning in Oil

Many folks have said that our President was doing all that he could during the days immediately following the oil crisis… Some suggestions of what “doing all we can”  might have looked like:

  1. Scheduled events with heads of state etc. long planned on the President’s schedule cannot and should not be canceled. But all non – essential events would be canceled until the crisis is over so the President can focus his time and attention on the crisis.
  2. Cabinet officials, together with the Coast Guard and BP would be giving their top 10 lists to each other and the President. Logistics specialists would be called upon also to formulate plans about equipment, men and material.
  3. Top ten lists to include: best case, worst case – supplies needed versus supplies on hand. Top ten problem areas you foresee with the first list. And maybe a couple more.
  4. Cross match lists for problems that seem to cut across all layers and handle those first. Seek desperately for someone to handle our response that has Presidential level reporting responsibilities and speaks every day at length to the President about progress/problems.
  5. Pre-emptively waive multiple jurisdictions to establish a clear chain of command for all oil spill related activities. Anyone delaying a response by an authorized act or piece of equipment must file a report with the President (or his point man) within 24 hours about the whys of the blockage and ways to mitigate the resulting damage caused by the delay.

You’ve seen the lavish parties that the President has been throwing… And I agree that such things are one of the perks of a very difficult job. But to paraphrase the President, “Not Now… Not THIS time…!” No –  this was the time to roll up your sleeves and go to work. This was the time to do something along the lines of the outline above. This was a time for leadership.

What we got instead was… Well… Really…nothing!

Unless you count speeches.

Plug the damn hole ain’t a plan.

It ain’t taking charge.

And it don’t help


What worries me most is that our President just doesn’t have the age and wisdom and practical experience to put together a simple plan of accountability and communication and follow it! And he doesn’t seem to KNOW anyone who does either, or is at a loss to effectively use them.

Laying aside the ideological differences I have with the President due to my commonsense conservative views, he is just not competent.  God help us all, he looks more “In over his head” with every passing day.

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