He Said – She Said A Conservative View of the Harassment Charges Against Cain

Today, presidential candidate Herman Cain presented his long-awaited press conference concerning the sexual harassment allegations lodged against him. As of this writing, there are five women who have come forward – two identified, three anonymous. None have offered any proof that Mr. Cain did what they say the did. And since it’s impossible to prove a negative, Mr. Cain has no way of proving he did not do what they say he did. So it is his word against theirs. Since there is no evidence, let’s take a look at the circumstances.

Mr. Cain has many shortcomings. First of all, he is black. And most any African-American you ask will tell you that is a disadvantage. He came from an impoverished childhood. He is now 65 years old, well past his most productive years. He has no hair, and he is a little overweight. But no one has ever accused him of being stupid. I know that in matters of emotion, logic often goes out the window. Yet what accuser #4, Sharon Bialek, has described shows total stupidity on the part of Mr. Cain. According to her scripted testimony, he hit every one of the items that a man in his position as a high level corporate executive and a faithful husband and father would never, ever do. Weakness of the flesh might cause a slip up on one or two items, but not all of them!

Remember now, he was the Chief Executive Officer of a downtown Washington DC firm with over 150 employees in the area where all this was to have taken place, not to mention all the Government officials he was calling on daily and trying to impress.

Attacking Conservative Policies?

conservative views - CainFirst, Ms. Bialek said he reserved a “palatial” suite for her in the Capital Hilton hotel, a location where the Chief Executive Officer of the National Restaurant Association would most likely be well known. Second, they had drinks, just the two of them, in the lounge of this same hotel, in plain sight of everybody. A very dark skinned middle-aged man and a much younger very blond buxom woman; nothing likely to attract attention there!

Then to a downtown Italian restaurant for dinner. Not very discreet for a married man, father of three girls, a corporate executive with an impeccable reputation, a part-time minister, and a some-time singer of gospel songs.

Next, she said he parked his car “down the block” from his offices and proceeded to perform his indiscretions. A man who had just forked over big bucks for a “palatial” suite at the Capital Hilton, drinks and a fine dinner, now makes his move in a parked car on a public Washington street? Gimmie a break!

When Ms. Bialek asked, “What are you doing?” as if she didn’t know, his response was said to have been, “You want a job, right?”
So, according to the written script, no doubt provided by millionaire celebrity attorney Gloria Allred, Mr. Cain had committed every no-no possible: (1) publicly reserved a luxury hotel suite, (2) publicly plied her with liquor in her hotel bar, (3) drove her alone to a cozy restaurant, (4) put the make on her in a parked car on a public street, like some teenager, and then (5) held out the possibility of employment, or continued unemployment, from his position of economic superiority.

Make Sense in Your Conservative View?

Like I said, he ain’t stupid. Any self respecting gigolo would have driven back to her hotel, ply her with additional drinks at the bar, and accompany her safely to her room to cash in on the expense of the palatial suite — not take every risk in the annals of jurisprudence. I do believe Attorney Allred overplayed her hand a bit on this one.
So, what’s the deal. Why Herman, and why now, some 14 years after the supposed incidents. Coincidence? Hardly. Opportunity? Probably. Political expediency? No doubt.

Reports are that Ms. Bialek, a single mother, has fallen on hard times since she was terminated from the National Restaurant Association some 14 years ago. Been through two bankruptcies, and currently has several liens and/or court judgments placed against her. Held several jobs, but none lasted very long. But suddenly she now shows up in New York with a big-bucks attorney, and makes all the TV rounds. She no doubt has a book deal, a movie contract, or possibly a Playboy centerfold in the works! No, strike that last one.

One has to wonder just how California Democrat Party activist and contributor, Gloria Allred, discovered Cain accuser Bialek. Does it help to know that Sharon Bialek and Obama presidential strategist David Axelrod just happen to live in the same Chicago apartment building?

So this afternoon Candidate Cain repeated, this time in much more detail, the same thing he said when first confronted: “I didn’t do it.”
Was his denial convincing? Depends on your point of view. If you are a Cain supporter, then you would have come away believing he is the innocent victim of a political assassination. Even his wife said that those stories just did not describe the man she has now been married to for 43 years.

Transparent Attempt To Sway Conservative Politics

If you are a political opponent, then you would think with all that smoke, there must be some fire somewhere. And we surely wouldn’t want the president of our country to have a weakness for chasing women, now would we?

As Britt Hume of FOX News stated, it really doesn’t matter if the accusations are unseemly, or even untrue. All it takes is the creation of a negative perception in the mind of a potential voter. Mr. Cain came across to me as being strong, even defiant, in the face of what he considered an attack on his character and integrity. But the media portrayed him wiping his brow at a totally different speech!
There is an old cliche’ that says, “The only reality in life is perception.” The perception the media wishes to portray is obvious. Many conservatives believe that if the media is successful in taking down Mr. Cain, the next front runner in the Republican Primary will face a similar attack built around whatever shreds of “evidence” the media can find. The fact that these accusations, intially publicized contrary to many of the media’s own “ethics” might damage Mr. Cain’s 40 plus year marriage, his business reputation, his standing with his family, is largely irrelevent to the press on a mission.
In the mind of many voters the sheer number of charges might begin to sway their opinion.
Of course the media is fully aware of this, and will continue to publish any accusastion, no matter how thinly sourced or corroborated. In the end, as usual, we will each have to make up our own minds, and pray to our God that we have made the right choice. Our children, and our children’s children, are depending on it.

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