Hoping for Change – even if we’re unsure what it looks like!

I have listened to the pundits talk of their impression of President Obama’s speech; here are some commonsense conservative views:

The theme from tonight’s debate was recapped most brilliantly in one of his closing lines.

And I quote,

Even if we’re unsure exactly what that looks like. Even if we don’t yet know precisely how we’re going to get there.”

That applies to every facet of his Battle Plan which he broke down in three parts.

The first is the cleanup. He told us who was in charge, and mentioned some of the assets he has finally brought to bear. Too late, his administration has now approved 25% of the barrier island sand berm building plan proposed by Jindhal almost 6 weeks ago.

As for the rest of it – he’s unsure of what that looks like and he doesn’t know precisely how to get there.

The second piece of the battle plan is Recovery and Restoration.  Again, he gave some general ideas about “committing” to help and appointing a “commission”(Washington speak for buying time, creating new taxes and spending money.), and “setting aside resources” of BP’s to in essence give away…

But he doesn’t know exactly what that looks like and how we’re going to get there.

And the third piece is more legislation… Of course. And again he doesn’t know exactly what that looks like or where he’s going or how he’s going to get there.

You know, in every situation that our President has been called upon to perform, he has always punted. Why wasn’t he putting together a battle plan day one? Why wasn’t he organizing assets and establishing priorities, clearing red tape, accepting help from the Dutch and British, waiving the Jones Rule that requires Amercian Flagged ships only to operate in coastal waters, meeting with the head of BP,  right out of the box?

I could go on and on but we are beginning to get a picture of our President facing crisis…

It’s not pretty.

This President seems most comfortable delegating all details, and hoping for the best… I don’t think the American people realized that was the hope piece of his hope and change message. And he doesn’t seem to be very good at surrounding himself with competent, real world people. He’s most comfortable with the College Professor types that see the “Big Picture” idealogically as he does. Unfortunately given his unwillingness to grapple with the day to day details, he needs SOMEONE that Is willing to roll up their sleeves get their hands dirty, and get the job done. But one get’s the impression he may not know any!

Our commonsense conservative views are that we have hired a man who is not up to the job, who cannot lead, will not administer, and does not know how to delegate. We’re all left where we started with this President…  We’re hoping for a change!

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