Libya and The Conservative American “No Fly” Policy

From my conservative views, I look at our involvement in a Libyan “No Fly Zone” with much trepidation! What exactly are our goals, when will we know we have won, and what will “victory” look like? In whose defense are we establishing a no fly zone?   Who are “the people” that are rising up on democratic protest against Qaddafi and what are their goals? Do we even know to whose defense we are coming? Can you name the leader of this “democratic movement” we are supporting?

The first thing to think about, if there can be a first thing amongst so many serious unknowns, is what will happen should Qaddafi be defeated? Libya is a tribal society with many competing factions. As we have seen before, when a “strong man” type leader is deposed in this type of society, many of these factions that were united against the leader, then turn on each other, settling old scores. Further, we hear constantly that Qaddafi is “killing his own people”… Isn’t that always true in a civil war? And aren’t many of the soldiers fighting with him going to be subject to the same slaughter when the tide turns? Anyone want to sell life insurance to Qadaffi’s tribesmen when and if he is taken down? So we are against the “slaughter” of the folks opposed to Qaddafi but for the inevitable slaughter of those same folks from the same country and region when Qaddafi is defeated and can no longer protect them?

All these questions USED to be why we didn’t get involved in civil wars. While we may not love Qaddafi, I see no evidence that those who seek to replace him are any better. With our military forces stretched thin, and our budget  in the red, and our own set of wars to fight can YOU think of a convincing reason to interfere in this civil war?

Among the many “innocents” being harmed in this latest manuever, who is looking out for our innocents? The innocent America taxpayer who will pay for this with borrowed Chinese dollars, the innocent members of our military that signed up to defend America’s vital interests and their families exhausted from repeat deployments. This conservative views this whole idea as an unwarranted burden to place on the United States of America. If ever there was a “war” of choice, surely this is it! May God protect us if he will when we continue to commit national suicude!

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