Mighty Weak Tea ! ! !

What has happened to the Tea Party?  Oh, I know, we all hear (yuck yuck) about how news of their death is premature. But this commonsense conservative is about half convinced they may have already waited so long, and done so little… It is hard to see how they recover as an effective force. 

I asked the question in this blog two years ago, when the Tea Party was fresh from its victories in the 2010 elections. “Will they have the will to discipline their own members? Will they be willing to work to replace those they elect that turn out not to be conservative? Will they risk their new found “power” by taking a stand?” I am thinking “No, No and No.

In what we are continuously told is the most important election of our lifetime, where is the new power center for conservatives, the Tea Party, standing tall and endorsing a candidate and fighting for that candidate? Are they by their refusal to endorse just “hoping” that we will end up with a conservative candidate?  Is that what the Tea Party has become, a risk averse, no stand taking, no change making… I mean if you are in the political business and you endorse no one, Isn’t that kind of like being in the cattle business with no cattle? “All hat and no cattle'”

I think the “functionaries ” of the Tea Party looked at the political season in front of them and decided to punt. Their “functionaries” (none dare call them leaders) refused to take the risk of taking a stand and endorsing a candidate. Lacking the will to lead, what is their purpose?  Organised spectator group?  In that paradoxical way of the world, by refusing to risk power, they are losing it all. Are they, “Leading from behind?”

They stand to lose it all. The small bits of the progress made by the Tea Party, already disappointing, will be further deflated by a Romney candidacy. A fair amount of the average voters on the street have yet to tune in the race.  What will they think when President Obama cites Romney’s health-care plan, his state funding of abortion (the courts made me do it!), his global warming stand, etc. etc. etc. THIS is what the Tea Party allowed to happen? This is what I have for a choice in 2012?

Is Romney what you expect your newly minted conservatives to vote for? When Obama rolls out Romney’s record, can the average Tea Party member be proud or embarrassed? Is this really the choice you want to call your own?  Can you, as a Tea Party “Functionary”, endorse ole Mitt’s goal to be a better friend to the gay community than Ted Kennedy? Will you beam with pride when Romney points out the tiny differences between his health-care plan and President Obama’s? How proud you’ll be when Mitt “lights his hair on fire” just to get the attention those idiot Tea Drinkers that just can’t get excited about Mitt’s intellectual approach to politics? This is the kind of talk we get from our side?

It’s not too late, but it sure is getting close! After the Tea Party freshman congressmen turned their back on their pledge of fiscal discipline in huge numbers, Romney is the one to make it all worth while? Are you delusional? This is the way for the Tea Party to survive? By splintering and accomplishing  nothing?  This commonsense conservative thinks if you let the Massachusetts moderate win this race, you may very well see a third party form after the 2012 elections. This Commonsense Conservative  can’t see an explanation for why you stood by and did nothing!

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