Nuclear stupidity STARTS now

I guess you have all heard by now about the exciting nuclear treaty our President has signed with the former world power Russia.  Just a question, when is the last time you heard a plane going overhead and for a moment you had a wild thought that Russia was attacking with nukes… Ever?  Maybe in ’65 when the Soviet Union still existed? Russia is at best a fading power on the world stage, primarily a threat at all because of a nuclear buildup began and paid for by the Soviet Union, and aging now (some say without maintenance) in Russia. But just for the sake of our discussion, let’s pretend that Russia (and not the new nuclear powers like those rational and peace loving folks in North Korea and Iran) IS the major threat to world peas….er peace.

The last time Russia had any influence on world events that I recall was when they threatened the natural gas pipeline to Europe, and invaded Georgia.  Their invasion and takeover of sovereign territory from Georgia was accomplished with nary a mention of the nuclear bogeyman.  I would propose that Russia’s influence focuses primarily on their ability to disrupt and interrupt the energy supplies to Europe and particularly to the former satellite states that surround her.  (It almost seems as if our President, raised as he was by grandparents, is in some time warp that has him confused about what today’s challenges really are? Is he really focused on RUSSIA as the source of insecurity in the world? I digress) If we would just turn the clock back a few years and look at Russia as she stood after the breakup of the Soviet Union, this was a state on the brink of failure. Only the rebound in world oil prices saved her and re-ignited her delusions of granduer. So if we really fear the “Russian Threat” can I make a few suggestions?

Let’s start with the only real source of wealth left to her, and that is oil and gas. A major expansion of the United States development and production of these energy supplies would have a major effect not just on Russia, but a lot of other folks who wish us harm. (Our REAL concerns.) So one way to start to cut her down to size would be to break the stranglehold she has on Europe’s energy supplies…Say sign some big contracts with former soviet block countries and give them an alternative to the benevolence of “Mother Russia”. And what about all those machine shops, and iron workers etc. etc. that need some work to do?  Why I am betting there is a lot of pieces and parts that would need to be made to rush oil and gas exploration into full bloom. And there would be jobs and revenues flowing into OUR coffers instead of the treasuries of those folks who wish us harm.

Folks, nuclear arms are not our biggest threat. It is our unilateral disarming in the energy fight that has left us vulnerable in so many ways I cannot count them. Think what our old buddy Chavez would look like trying to buy off the peasants without peak oil prices.  And the Middle East, they maintain their stranglehold on energy through controlling production, not world scarcity. Let’s tell the land of fruits and nuts (California) that if they want to spend a boatload of money on stuff the other 49 states do without, they best be drilling off the coast, on the coast, and everywhere else they can find to stick a drill. ‘Cause the federal government is not going to foot the bill for their social experiments, and pass the pain around to the other 49 states that never got a voice in the discussion. While we’re at it (just to prove we can both chew gum and walk), let’s give Nassa a new mission. Since we’ve parked the shuttle fleet, and subcontracted space exploration to our “partners” around the world, let’s put those minds to work on a crash program to develop alternate sources of energy. Give them until the end of this year to find three promising lines of inquiry that will lead to energy independence.  If we can get a crash program to shoot a rocket to the moon… we sure as heck can figure this one out.

It’s time to get out in front and lead, not cringe around the world kissing the backend of despots and dictators that ought to be worrying about us, and not the other way around. In a world of violence and power, sucking up don’t get you no respect and besides, when did THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ever take a backseat to anybody? Come on folks – let’s kick some …!

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    great post as usual!

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