Predictions Of A Common Sense Conservative

A few words about the coming election.

First, the outcome prediction. I think the Republicans will win 65 plus seats in the house, and take control of the senate. I don’t necessarily think that control MUST come about thru the election, there are rumors flying just under the radar that one or more of the “conservative” Democrat senators are considering changing to the Republican Party before the 2012 election… But I would not count out an outright victory in the election results. There is a reason they call these “wave” elections.

It continues to amaze me that the Democrats talk about their “messaging” etc. instead of realizing their policies are wrong? But as a common sense conservative, it also worries me that I hear too many comments from the Republican and therefore supposedly conservatives, about “compromising” with President Obama and the Republicans “weakness” even though they are on the cusp of a huge victory.

So, if we assume the Republicans will win their majority, what then will they do with it? No voter is interested in hearing Republican hand wringing about how they are “so helpless” in the face of a possible presidential veto. Nor did voters elect Republicans to “compromise” with the Democrats and the President to “get things done”. The whole point of this election is ordinary people have woken up to the fact that if they band together they can change things in Washing ton. They are looking for smaller, more affordable, and less government involvement ( think control) of their lives. And they are not in the mood to be denied.

Tea Partiers understand and are prepared to be involved again in the 2012 elections to make their changes permanent, but only to the extent those folks they have put in power are doing their best to make the changes they promised. In other words, these new politicians had better damn well deliver the EFFORT to make the changes they promised. By forcing House and Senate votes and Presidential vetos on things like Obamacare they will give the Tea Partiers the ammunition they need to take out the opponents of reform in 2012. But this common sense conservative believes that if the Republican Party DOES NOT DELIVER on their promises then all bets are off for 2012.

One of two things will happen in 2012 if the Republicans do not deliver on the change demanded by the electorate. Either the Tea Party will truly become a third party, in which case it may very well be that the Republican Party is the one left in the minority, or these same house members will find themselves back out on the street and out of office. The people are awake and aware… These Republicans had best realize that they will be held accountable and deliver on their promises. Or they may find themselves reduced to third party status!

But these are only the views of one common sense conservative – or are they?  We will see…

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