So what has been accomplished at the START meeting? Well, from my commonsense conservative views; not much!

We have all countries agreeing to vague, general ideas like “Loose Nukes are Bad Nukes”

Uh, yeah!

China says that they really don’t want to punish the people of Iran for their leaders decisions, so no sanctions “with bite”.

This is the payoff for our President’s apology tour?

Y’know, President Obama rolled into office convinced that the reason the world did not want to cooperate with us was because we were “culturally insensitive” and ARROGANT,

And had ignored the world’s opinion of our actions – y’know the lone cowboy Bush syndrome, throwing our weight around and making threats.

So the Obama administration went around the world apologizing for the sins they had imagined we committed, convinced they would be able to get nations that had never before supported our actions, to do so now.  They would be won over, by the overtures of the Obama administration, and particularly our vocal and persuasive President. And simultaneously, show sternness with our allies, demanding that they too bend the knee to the enemy.

Wrong again.

Here’s the conservative view on it by the numbers.

1. If you became the leader of one of these countries, you generally got there by being completely ruthless. So you don’t really see an apology tour as anything but a show of weakness, and instead of building rapport, it engendered contempt.  What third world dictator ever apologized for anything?

2. Countries act out of their own self interests. They do not act out of some feeling of personal friendship between leaders.  If you are Iran, and can achieve power and respect through the acquisition of nuclear materials, what counter offer can the US make that would equal that?  To be your “friend”?…PLEASE !

3. China likes to see the US squirm. Why not let Iran distract us while the Chinese continue to take away our industrial base? What is the downside to China for Iran to have nuclear power?  So why would China help us with Iran? Double ditto for Russia.

4. Negotiations like threats, only work when the country that enters into them has the power and will to enforce negative consequences. If you have shown weakness, where is the sting to your threats? So why enter into negotiations except as a stalling tactic while you continue to pursue your own agenda?

5. Why would we weaken Israel by disrespecting her when her part of the world is ALREADY INCREASINGLY DANGEROUS? Is this seriously supposed to make us more acceptable to the Middle Eastern countries that hate us? Nothing we do will be enough for that.

6. SO at the end of the day, you start hearing the following phrases: The US has become a country that  is safer to be an enemy than a friend. Too weak to  help her friends, and not strong enough to defeat  her enemies.

So where are we? Seeing a rerun of the Carter administration I fear, but in a much more dangerous world.

Have a good evening!

Sleep well!

Here is another post full of my conservative views on START….Nuclear Stupidity STARTs Now!

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