State of the Union – Expanded

I posted a hasty overall view of the President’s speech last night. My wife (not being a political junkie) was wanting to go home and since I post from the office…

So this morning I wanted to list some points the President made and give you my comments on them as a commonsense conservative.

His opening comments concerned the Tucson Tragedy… Is it just me or are you also tired of every politician trying to score points off of this terrible event?

He went from this to saying that the message from the 2010 election was that voters wanted wanted the parties to work together… Really? It seemed to me that the message from the election was that voters wanted to put the brakes on the Obama trainwreck.

He said that he wanted to make America the “best place to do business” in the world. And he proposed rather vaguely that the way to accomplish this was to “invest” in three critical areas: education, technology and infrastructure…Something of a leap I thought. He didn’t really expound on how it was worth borrowing money from the Chinese to accomplish the investment he sought.

In education, he suggested that we needed to expand the federal “Race to the Top” program that he created to replace no child left behind. A “best practices” sort of funding thru the federal government. He also mentioned the illegal alien population should be eligible for scholarships, the $10,000 tuition tax credit should be made permanent and that we should attempt to retain rather than return foreign students who come to our universities to study. This last point I can actually agree with!

His technology “investments” seemed to center around the tired old arguments on “green energy” and biomedical research. While we can all agree that medical research is good, he really didn’t flesh out in any meaningful way what research he was referring to. In the “green energy” field, it was the same old lines about windmills etc. etc. etc. No mention of the vast American oil reserves he seems committed to shutting down, while increasing unemployment as he forces those jobs and cash flows to the folks who hate us most.

His infrastructure investments seemed to center around liberal wishlists like high speed rail and electric vehicles. I am at a loss to understand why liberals don’t understand we don’t all want to be herded into overstuffed train cars and ride to work everyday? And the fact that unlike Europe, Americans like to live and raise their families in rural and urban areas where mass transit will not work. Is that so hard to comprehend? Or does the liberal mindset believe that they are right and we are just to stupid to understand them?

In short bullet point style he mentioned  simplifying the tax code, expanding our export trade, reviewing burdensome government regulations and “improving” the healthcare reform. It was ironic that even while the EPA is issuing more burdensome regulations strangling our energy development here at home and killing those jobs, as well as the Department of Interior doing everything it can to rule everywhere there is actually oil “off limits” for energy exploration and development, he would bring this matter up!

Continuing with his bullet points, he mentioned freezing spending…What? He expanded overall spending by over 20% in the two years since he has been elected. It was unclear how “freezing” spending at unsustainable levels could be considered a serious attempt at reducing the deficit. Of course he mentioned cutting defense, always a target of liberals, raising taxes on job creators (class warfare), re-organising the government, vetoing earmarked bills and calling on congress to be “more transparent”, all with a straight face! He said that as we seek to restrain spending, we should keep in mind that we cannot “throw out the engine” to lighten the load. this line begged the question, does he really believe government spending is the engine of the American economy?

Finally he mentioned in the most casual way possible, Iraq and Afghanistan and complemented our soldiers for a job well done.  As I look over the increasingly dangerous foreign policy he has pursued, I can certainly understand why he would only mention foreign policy in passing.

Overall, this was a very timid speech. The most pressing needs of this time in history, jobs and the growing deficit, were hardly dealt with in a meaningful way. In almost all areas, his prescription for our future seemed to be more of the same, at a slightly lower cost. I cannot for the life of me understand how this speech ever made it onto the teleprompter. For a man known for eloquence, this speech disappointed on so many levels it is hard to comprehend why he let himself get boxed into this poor excuse for a presentation. I believe that as a guy who always thinks he is the smartest guy in the room, he overode the advice of his speechmakers and delivered this in spite of their protests. Surely, he has folks that are better at writing than this!

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