State of the Union

DSHolman Conservative ViewsIt is against a troubled backdrop that we sit down tonight to hear from the President on the State of the Union.

Housing prices are again heading downward, new job creation is at an all time low in terms of the number of months we have seen low and no growth, and there is no relief in sight.

From this commonsense conservative’s perspective, across the world we have never been held in lower esteem. China, North Korea and Iraq seem to thumb their noses at our attempts to persuade them to pursue a more sensible course, and we have lost our reputation as a economic power in the world.

The former satellite countries of the Soviet Union no longer can depend on us to be their ally with President Obama shrinking from locating the Star War batteries in Poland, and we did precious little in response to the aggression against Georgia.

Four trillion dollars of deficit spending later, tonight’s speech is reputed to call for “investments” which we all realize is spending by another name. How can we afford to borrow more money to “invest” when the last four trillion produced no result? Would you loan us more money when we have invested so poorly in the past? Would you take more money to an advisor that promised results that never materialized?

Tonight, we will see the “Spender in Chief” attempt to convince us that he has changed. That somehow, he has seen the light and wants to go in a new direction. But listen closely… Is he really wanting to go in a new direction, or is he wanting to “stay the course” but rename the trip? Has he changed from “redistributing the wealth” to unchaining the economy? Does he really still see private business as “greedy” or does he want to empower the private sector to grow and thrive and provide wealth for all of us? Is he really going to allow more oil and gas exploration and development, or is he committed to pushing us into a “green” future that is not here, has not arrived and by most accounts won’t be here for a minimum of 10 years? Will he cancel the EPA’s attempts to regulate carbon, cancel the onerous regulation that is killing our energy production and rein in the Labor Relations Board intent on abolishing the secret ballot for union elections?

I’ll be back with my conservative views after the speech. I hope to see you then!

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