Conservative Views of The Deficit, The President and the Sunday Shows

The shows this Sunday (4/10/11) were very interesting in that they served as a platform for Presidential policy announcements. David Plouffe, the President’s senior political advisor and his campaign manager in the previous campaign, were all over the shows this Sunday. His announcement was that the President would be announcing the middle of this week his new strategy to cut the deficit!

You may recall that last year the President called for a senatorial committee, a “deficit commission” to address the problem of the growing deficit. When Republicans defeated his efforts to establish a senatorial committee, the President instead made it a presidential commission and chided Republicans for calling it a waste of time. Then, just a few months later, when the President announced his new budget, not a single idea from the debt commission was used in his new budget… Did you hear the media calling him on his accusation of Republicans calling it a waste of time? Of course not!

Plouffe announced that the President was EAGER to cut spending! Now that is news to everyone watching, and was certainly new to this conservative viewer! The President was dragged kicking and screaming to the budget fight  and now he announces that he is eager to do some cutting of his own? It reminds me of the Monte Python bit where the character runs to the head of the mob that formed without him, explaining, those are my people and I must be their leader… Just a few weeks ago, the President announced his budget that called for trillion dollar deficits for the next 10 years… Now he is a leader in cutting the deficit?

And then today on all the shows the take away is that the President “was above the fray and solved the problem by getting both parties to work together”… Really? He only got involved at the last minute, he stuck to his guns until the polls began to change, and he remained unwilling to compromise right until the end. I don’t see how that is presidential or leadership… It is more followship.

Finally, expect the President’s new plan to  propose tax increases and “investments” to favored industries. More of the taxpayer awarding $7,000 for folks who buy the proper car or the right appliance, and more millions for GE and other favored industries that supported the President’s election efforts… And OF COURSE, class warfare as far as the eye can see! The question the American people must ask themselves is if they give this guy 4 more years with no re-election to pull him to the center, which Obama will do the governing? I think our answer is in the budget he proposed BEFORE the heat was on, and not in the political document he will produce this week with an eye on the election. This conservative views the Presidential race as a make or break event. We could have gotten a lot more deficit reduction with a white house willing to lead, instead of reluctantly follow, the Republicans in their budget cutting effort. Don’t let the spin fool you, this President is a new kind of liberal. In the old days, we had tax and spend liberals. This guy is a spend and spend and spend liberal… We just can’t afford it!

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