The End

If you need some help with a heavy bag,

A hand with moving out.

A car fixed, A couch moved…

A place to put a doubt.


You’ll always find a helping hand,

cash and sometimes more.

There will always be,

A way to do,

The thing you’re looking for.


But don’t get ugly, sad or sick,

Or really need a friend.

You’ll find they’re few and far between,

And never at the end.


So know yourself and love yourself,

Do the best you can.

Admire that one and closest friend,

that you will ever have!


Don’t kid around and save the town…

And never think a thing,

About who and what you are,

until you feel the sting!


It’s hard enough to know yourself,

When you are young and pretty…

Face your evil – Overcome!

Before you hear the ditty!


It’s too late when the doctor comes,

to realize you’re all wrong!

Don’t believe the things you hear…

..You always die alone


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