The Fallacy of “Back of the Line”

How do we deal with illegals in our midst?

A conservative views this whole question with a bit of a jaundiced eye. I mean, is there some different quality to being “illegal” as a person as opposed to the forms of illegal?

Wikipedia says illegal is used to describe something that is prohibited or not allowed by law.

So it would seem an “illegal resident” be a resident that is prohibited or not allowed by law – right?

So such an resident, being illegal, would be sent back to wherever they illegally came from – right?

Not so fast…

Let’s say someone broke in your house today while you were at work, and when you came home tonight, you found them there…And you called the police. But while they were at your house all day – they cleaned it really well!

And the police told you that because the “illegal person” had done such a great job cleaning your house, THEY(the police) were not going to make (let’s call him George) George leave! And besides, George didn’t have a very nice house to live in so he was really just trying to better himself, so…

(Oh, and he will need you to pay for some medical treatment and stuff. And it was really your fault because you didn’t buy an expensive alarm system.)

That is where we find ourselves with a 12 million plus illegal population!

We are the only developed country that shares a border with an undeveloped country and doesn’t guard it. As a logical result of our inattention to this “detail” we now have these folks in our midst.

Now we find our politicians suggesting that we should “legalize” these aliens… Oh make them pay a few “fees” and, GO TO THE BACK OF THE LINE.

Hence the title for my mumblings… As a conservative views this solution.

How, exactly, does an illegal “go to the back of the line”?

Wait for it…

Well, George won’t get his “paperwork” to live in your house far a while.

He can still live there, he can still enjoy your pool, and go to your parks and libraries and apply for your jobs and drive on your roads and enjoy your lifestyle, but his “paperwork” will be delayed!

That’ll teach him!

It’s like telling your teenager that they can go ahead and drive, but because they have misbehaved, they won’t get a license for a while… Oh, they can still drive and everything but… No license.

If I get all the benefits, do I really care about the paperwork?

Uh, no.

Welcome to the back of the line!

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3 comments for “The Fallacy of “Back of the Line”

  1. April 27, 2010 at 5:50 pm

    I wonder if any single one of these liberals have even read Arizona’s immigration bill. I live in TN and even I read it. It states that if you are in the state illegally, then you are breaking the law. The new law puts so many restrictions on arresting illegal immigrants that they can’t even be asked about their residency status unless they are caught breaking some other law, first.

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