The Inevitable (loser) Romney

From whence comes the idea that Romney is both the most electable Republican primary candidate and also the inevitable primary winner? There are two major sources, and they are both pretty suspect in their motivation and outlook.

The first is the “Establishment Republicans” too often seen as the professional pundits like Karl Rove. While Karl is definitely a member, the bigger group are the functionaries, lobbyist and and various interest groups that feed at the Republican trough. They have no interest in “shrinking” government any more than the Democrats do. Oh, they will give lip service to cutting, and will even do some at the margins, but their eyes are on the direction of federal money and employment. What they really mean is that the  Republicans will run a slightly smaller, but much more efficient federal government. And they will have the right spending priorities. This group sees in Romney a kindred soul, a man they can “do business with”.

The second is our friends the media and the Democrat Party. They see in a Romney a candidate whose philosophy (what there is of it) is much akin to that of our  last loser, John McCain. They view Romney (rightly) as occupying that No Man’s Land of too liberal to attract conservative support, and not liberal enough to attract much independent or Democrat support. They also see in Romney (again, I think correctly) a man vulnerable to the charge of Wall Street Republican. Romney fits right in with the whole “Occupy Wall Street” uncaring rich guy protest that they can caricature as destroying jobs at Bain Capital to make his fortune. And with his stands on Romneycare, liberal judges, cap and trade, global warming etc. etc. he can be painted as a no real agent of change to those voters unhappy with Obama. While governor of Massachussetts, that state was raked 47th in job creation. So can Romney help the GOVERNMENT create jobs? I know, government doesn’t create jobs… but many votes don’t! And Romney has no record of achievement in this area! His claim of being a political outsider says more about his incompetence as a politician than it does anything else. He certainly isn’t an outsider for lack of trying! He just doesn’t seem very good at winning…And that is a trait your political opponents really like to see!

So what is the conservative voter to do? Watch closely and donate liberaly to the most conservative candidate with a chance to win. Ignore the pundits and the especially the press and the republican bigwigs. And talk to persuadable voters about how they must vote in the primary. We all have a circle of influence, and we need to be using it! Ultimately if we want a conservative cadidate, we’ll have to elect them in spite of, and not with the help of, the powers that be.  Conservatives keep telling us how important this election is, and I believe that is true. We must urge those that call themselves conservative leaders to take a stand for a conservative or at least against Romney. Let’s not let this opportunity to elect a real conservative slip from our grasp!


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