Conservative Views – The State of The Union is…Flat

To begin my conservative views, just a few notes about the overall tone and tenor of the speech.

As a political junkie, I couldn’t tell you when I last missed a state of the union address. I have always found them very interesting. This one I felt came perilously close to boring even me. If you have ever done any public speaking you have probably had occasion to walk on stage and within just a few minutes realized that the presentation you were about to make, that looked so good when you had rehearsed it, was going to fall flat. And there you were – stuck with it!  President Obama gave me the impression he felt that way about this speech.

The first  part of the speech, skipping past the obligatory mention of congresswoman Gifford’s unfortunate shooting, was a call for the parties to work together. The President suggested that the voters had sent the new Republican majority to work with HIM. Now you don’t have to be a genius to know that if the electorate had wanted to send people that would work with the President, they would have elected Democrats! And for this President, whose chief of staff famously said just after the election  -for the Republicans to call for bi partisanship was almost funny! So this whole bipartisan call in the beginning of the speech was just not believable and undermined all that followed.

The President called for “investments” in technology, infrastructure and education, without any specificity and again with that strange lack of conviction so obvious throughout this speech. He called for making America the best place to do business without really saying how he would accomplish that worthy goal.

The President called for a “freeze” on spending, rather than cutting spending.  When you consider that in order to stop the growth of the deficit we need to save 4 billion dollars a day, and his proposal to freeze spending only saves 40 billion a year, you can see that this is peanuts. Also, he increased spending when he took office by over 20%. So basically he called for locking in the increases he has already enacted – hardly a call that will impact our growing deficit in my conservative view!

Conspicuously missing from his presentation was a serious plan to improve the economy, grow jobs or rein in the growth of the government. I would like to give you more but really this was a seriously flawed speech. Not one single concrete idea that could really even be debated.

In closing, if you want to see a serious state of the union address YouTube Paul Ryan’s speech – the Republican answer to President Obama’s presentation. You will see a serious grown up talking in a commonsense fashion about what we need to do as a country to move ahead.

God Bless you if you watched this speech by our President. Ever since he has been in office, it seems that he has gotten smaller and smaller. While he is good at the job of speaking as was illustrated in the speech at Congresswoman Gifford’s event in Arizona, he is not ready to govern. Some folks grow in the job, and some seem overwhelmed by it. Watching tonight it was hard not to feel sorry for this man. I came away with the impression of a man overwhelmed by the hard job of governing, and burdened by the realization that his policies were not working, and his presidency was failing. A sad thing to see and a warning to all of us voters that we need to elect to the highest office in the country and arguably the leader of the free world, someone with a lot more executive experience. More conservative views tomorrow.

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1 comment for “Conservative Views – The State of The Union is…Flat

  1. James
    January 26, 2011 at 1:20 am

    As much as it pains me not to play devil’s advocate to your conservative views – I have to agree with you on this one.

    The tone of our President’s speech was partly defeatism, partly confusion. I kept waiting for the moment that his back would straighten – his voice would rise in steely determination – and his eyes would blaze with the conviction he so eloquently conveyed a mere two years ago. It never came.

    This “Great American Experiment” is in peril – perhaps more so than at any time in our history. He is right in saying we are losing the leadership position we have held in the world – in the education of our children, in the strength of our economy, in the power of our industry, in the respect of our allies, and in our ability to challenge those throughout the world that would oppress and control through fear and intimidation.

    This was the President’s best opportunity to rally a nation torn by political divisiveness and economic uncertainty. Instead it felt like he was asking for someone to tell him what to do. At the time we needed someone to go deep for the end zone – he punted.

    Paul Ryan did do a good job, probably the best I have ever heard in rebuttal to the State Of The Union. He didn’t offer a lot of specifics either – but that was not his role. He appeared sincere, logical, and in touch with what the American people are up against.

    My hope for all of us is that our leadership in both parties will step up to the task at hand and not leave us floundering through another cycle of political finger pointing and posturing. It’s time for some leadership in the true spirit of the founders that risked EVERYTHING to begin this magnificent “experiment”. Party be damned!

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