The True Heroes of Abbottabad

I must tell you that I am sometimes amazed at the hutzpah of the Democrats and their public pronouncements… But this latest charade really takes the cake!

In the brief announcement Sunday night of the killing of Usama Bin Laden, as I have posted before, our Presdent referred to himself 23 times… One could be forgiven if one were to think our President personally flew to Pakistan and conducted the raid all by himself. But there is and was a larger point to make.

After 9/11, our intelligence services were roundly criticized by the political class, many of whom had passed laws and budgets that made it virtually impossible for them to do their job. We lost many valuable people and morale was at an all time low. Over time, this agency has slowly regained credibility.  After 9/11, many of our finest rushed to join our armed forces, impressed in a personal way as never before with a sense of the danger our country faced.

On the historic occasion of acheiving the goal of ending the life of this terrorist, considering these brave and selfless men and women who have sacrificed years of their life to make this moment possible… Was it too much to ask that their commander and chief might point out THEIR more significant role in the events he was announcing? Was it too much to expect that our President point out that this team of experts that flew into that compound in the middle of the night were fully prepared to give their life in the furtherance of the cause of American liberty and freedom? Was it so important to his reelection campaign that he couldn’t bring himself to share the glory?

Or was it the awkwardness of the many negative comments he and his party’s candidates had made in the ’08 election that made him reluctant to give credit where credit was truly due? After all, it was the Democrat’s own Howard Dean that called the Special Forces, “Cheney’s assassination team”. Wasn’t it Dick Durban and John Kerry and others who felt free to malign the character and nature of the very people whose hard work made this night possible?  Was that what held him back from giving credit to the true heroes of this night? Nah – I doubt it. ( See the opening paragraph above.)

 In the aftermath of the announcement I heard one liberal pundit commenting on the fears that our heroic President must have had, there in the “situation room” when the chopper was disabled… Surely images of Black Hawk Down and Jimmy Carter went thru his mind she fantasized.

special forcesLet me ask you… What about the actual heroes that swept that compound in 40 minutes without even knowing if they had a ride out of there? What visions of home flashed thru their minds as they pressed determinedly thru the compound, doing the task that was laid before them? In the midst of the heat and gunpowder and smell of death, doubtlessly their insignificant little thoughts are hardly worth recording.  What about their night before, when they held their wife for what they well knew could have been the last time, tucked their children in bed without knowing if tomorrow they would face a future without a father… Any spare thoughts or camera time for them? Nah.

It’s become a pattern with the current residents of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. If something is wrong, it is never their fault. And if something goes well, regardless of how insignificant their part in it was, don’t get between them and a camera! And that is what the press is fawning over, that is the hope and change we were promised, that is the enlightened rule of our betters. God help me, I guess I would rather just throw my lot in with those guys in the compound that night, and their hardworking intelligence agency brothers and sisters… Guess I’m just not cut out for “greatness”.

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