The USA War on Libya

Once again, this conservative views with concern attacks on the Libyan nation.  It has been conventional wisdom for years that no nation should fight a war on two fronts. Yet tonight, with an historic 14 trillion dollars in debt, and with commitments to two ground wars in two different countries, the United States has launched as of this writing 114 Tomahawk missiles at a cost of $600,000 each.

If you Google the Libyan National Transitional Council you will find precious little by way of information on this group of folks. One writer suggested that there is not much to suggest they won’t be like other despotic rulers in this part of the world, seizing power long enough to make themselves and members of their immediate family extremely wealthy, then its off to the French Riviera!

Will our missiles take out the leaders of Gaddafi’s group of thugs, or will we kill with “no mercy” a group of soldiers following orders under fear of death? How many innocents will die tonight to prevent the killing of other “innocents” possibly rushing to install just another tinpot dictator who will rape the country and leave? And may God help us if we lose a jet in the attacks following tonight!

Sadly, I cannot remember another time on our recent history when we have done so much with so many unknowns hovering in the air. We have said we will not commit ground forces and I hope and pray that we can stick to our plan. But as has been observed before, the plans we make before beginning hostilities seldom survive first contact with the enemy because they counter attack in ways we may not have anticipated. And dealing with a tough and wily guy like Qaddafi may bring forward more surprises than we have anticipated. Certainly, he has known for some time now our entry into this conflict was imminent, and our own General Gates advised against this move.

Would we even be considering entering this war without the pressure of rising oil prices? Somehow, I doubt it. How many more billions must we send to the oil producing countries;how much blood, treasure and effort will we expend before we decide to develop our own energy supplies and cease this risky and ever expanding effort to protect the world’s oil supply? More than we can afford I fear. This conservative views the real problem as those who prevent us developing our own natural resources…. Let this blood be on their hands…

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2 comments for “The USA War on Libya

  1. greg holman
    March 19, 2011 at 8:31 pm

    I don’t think oil has too much to do with it, in all fairness.

  2. March 20, 2011 at 6:25 am

    Well… A far worse happening occured in Darfur… Did we intervene?

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