Thoughts on the Passing Scene

The Self Indulgent Occupy Wall Street Movement

This week we were shown that just one of the Occupy Wall Street
camp-ins produced 30 tons of trash . . . and who knows what additional damage was done to the turf, the trees, the plants, and facilities in these parks. Those of us who have dogs know the damage careless urination can cause.  And these people weren’t even careless! One thing we do know.  The 99% of us they are
protesting against will once again pay the bills for a display of self-indulgent temper tantrums by the most spoiled generation of Americans yet produced.  And, of course, we also pay the overtime for abused police officers, firemen, first responders and hospital staffs, taking all kinds of disrespect to make life manageable for the 99% who have to go to work every day to pay for their OWS vulgarities.
Word is that in the Spring these activists will return, bigger and
louder than ever, to again disrupt our lives and run up another round of bills for us to pay.  They protest the “greed”of successful entrepreneurs, while expecting them, and us, to clean up their mess, pay off their college loans, and put up with their temper tantrums.                                                                                                                                        Doesn’t that sound just a bit disrespectful to you?

The Green Guys Need Some Common Sense!

President Obama postponed the oil pipeline from Canada to America’s refineries on the Gulf Coast, once again driving up the cost of energy for all of us. China is bidding on this pool of available oil, and it would be much cheaper for the Canadian Companies who produce it to build a pipeline to their Pacific Coast exporters than to our Gulf Coast.   Chinese refineries may very well end up taking it from under our very noses, and then selling it back to us . . . on credit, plus interest!

Environmentalists, under the guise of saving the planet, are busy blocking access to affordable energy for American consumption , while the second round of leaked emails from the IPCC climate
committee shows these scientists discussed among themselves how best to hide their data so it would not be subjected to peer scrutiny.  We all remember from our school days why the teacher made us “show our work”.  Global Warming, now being called “Climate Change” since the globe inconveiniently stopped warming, is the basis for delaying the development of our own domestic energy sources.  And they didn’t “show their work” to support their conclusions. Reliable geologists affirm that North America
has sufficient un-tapped energy sources to not only supply our own need, but to make us a exporter nation of fossil fuels for decades to come!

It’s time we concentrate on developing jobs, instead of spending time on some unproven global warming theory which may or may not come to pass for thousands of years into the future.  Maybe we can afford to run down this rabbit trail at another time.  A time when we are all employed again!  But not in this time of self-inflicted economic crisis.

Taking the “Trust” out of  the                             Social Security Trust Fund

Congress is arguing over how to “pay for” a continuation of the current 2% cut in the social security tax for those of us who are still employed.  First of all, this politically expedient “taxcut” was the worst possible tax reduction they could have made since the tax is specifically imposed to pay for the Social Security program, and this “tax cut” has blown a 110 billion dollar hole in the “Trust(?) Fund” that we set up just a few short years ago. The President and the Democrats in congress want to tax “millionaires and billionaires” to pay for PART of the cost. But remember, the tax cut comes directly from the funding of Social Security.  If they raise taxes on “millionaires and billionaires,” that goes into the general tax coffers, not back into Social Security funding.   So, you see, it’s all a farce, and there is no such thing as a government “trust” fund. The funding of  Social Security was theoretically “fixed” by an agreement between the Republicans and Democrats back with Tip O’Neil and Ronald Reagan, and has always been considered the
“third rail of politics.” Meaning that no politician dare touch it for fear of being politically electrocuted . . . or worse.   But President Obama took 2% out of Social Security funding with nary a shock wave. And we let it happen!

But even if they taxed ALL THE ANNUAL INCOME from America’s “millionaires and billionaires” there would not be enough to pay for the currently unfunded liberal programs.   And besides, taking money out of their pockets is taking spending out of the economy that supports restaurants, car payments, vacations, and other activities that create employment.   I believe President Reagan called this a “trickle down” effect .  So, in spite of all this fancy talk to promote class envy, the effect will definitely “trickle down” to us in the middle class, because that’s where the money is!  It’s a matter of numbers.  A little wealth spread over 330 million people is more than much wealth spread over a few thousand, regardless of how rich they are. The reality is that if we can kick the can far enough down the road, current government extravagancies will come straight out of your children’s and grandchildren’s ways of life. That’s the plan. Our children and grandchildren are not yet of voting age. And when they are, most of us, including the current gang of politicians who created this debacle, will be gone. So, back to our “Occupier” friends.  Are they protesting against those who put us into this mess, or those who will suffer the most from it?  Think about it!

Change Is Possible!

Every four years we are assured this is the most important election ever. Because to each politician; it is. We have never had the ability to research candidates as thoroughly as we can now.  Millions of
pieces of information are as close as the computer in many of our living rooms. Sixteen candidate “debates” are being beamed right into our living rooms.  Our Republic depends on an INFORMED
ELECTORATE getting involved and acting as the watchdog of government employees.  There was a time when we could rely on the mainstream media to perform this watchdog responsibility.  But no more.
They too believe they must “go along to get along.”  And if they don’t cooperate, they know the consequences that await.  Tax audits, lost licenses, economic pressures. We owe it to ourselves, our children and our grandchildren, to stop our elected
officials from running up bills they will have to pay.   The choice is ours.  And if not us, who?  And if not now, when?  Benjamin Franklin famously said we have given you a Republic, if  you can keep it.

Can we?







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